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The Rebellion Advent Calendar: Day Eleven

Advent, day eleven, and after a relentless Rudolfite carolling barrage that kept Santa’s entire compound awake throughout the night, Claus the Merciless is in a foul mood.

‘Bring me the Decorators,’ he sneers at Sergeant Merrymittens, the recently decorated hero of Burnt Turkey Ridge. ‘Tell them to bring all the baubles they have.’

He has a plan, and there are gasps as Claus the All-Seeing explains it to his troops. At day’s end, an entire Decorators division is arrayed before the relentlessly Good King Wenceslas-ing Rudolfites.

‘Sir?’ says Merrymittens.

Claus gives the nod, and the Santa War will never be the same again…


War! What is it good for? How about military sci-fi, it’s pretty good for that, right? And nobody does it better than James Lovegrove, the king of all Godpunk, and a bestseller to boot.

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