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The Rebellion Advent Calendar Day Sixteen: win James Lovegrove books on Facebook!

The Rebellion Advent Calendar hits day 16 today, and we’ve lined up yet another corker of a competition for you.

We’ve got a pair of James Lovegrove’s finest creations to give away: Age of Odin and Age of Ra, two of the most popular Pantheon books out there. These are the special editions to boot, with shiny new covers and the glow of the gods about them. 

For a chance to win, simply head over to Facebook, like our page (which, naturally, you already do – right?) and like the competition post. Good luck! 

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The Rebellion Advent Calendar: Day Eleven

Advent, day eleven, and after a relentless Rudolfite carolling barrage that kept Santa’s entire compound awake throughout the night, Claus the Merciless is in a foul mood.

‘Bring me the Decorators,’ he sneers at Sergeant Merrymittens, the recently decorated hero of Burnt Turkey Ridge. ‘Tell them to bring all the baubles they have.’

He has a plan, and there are gasps as Claus the All-Seeing explains it to his troops. At day’s end, an entire Decorators division is arrayed before the relentlessly Good King Wenceslas-ing Rudolfites.

‘Sir?’ says Merrymittens.

Claus gives the nod, and the Santa War will never be the same again…


War! What is it good for? How about military sci-fi, it’s pretty good for that, right? And nobody does it better than James Lovegrove, the king of all Godpunk, and a bestseller to boot.

For today’s Advent special offer, all James Lovegrove titles are half price in the Rebellion store, for a very limited time only. Go and grab yourself a god-damn bargain, and enjoy!

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Pre-Order Pantheon Series Special Editions now!

The gods can be a fickle bunch, which is why we’ve decided to appease them with Special Editions of a pair of books from James Lovegrove’s smash hit Panthoeon series: Age of Ra and Age of Odin.

With spangly, nay, shiny cover updates, not to mention brand new introductions from the author, these Special Editions really are a work of art.

You can preorder both Age of Ra and Age of Odin over at Amazon right now, and frankly you’d better hop to it. There’s nothing worse than angering ages-old deities…

Age of Ra
Age of Odin