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It’s that time of year where we all start taking stock. And SFF fans, what better way to consider the past year than with this gem of an anthology? The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year, Volume 12 by award-winning editor, Jonathan Strahan, is on offer today! 

Brining together established and upcoming SFF authors, this is a chance to take a closer look at what stories were tugging on our hearts in the genre community this year! 

Buy Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year:

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Christmas shopping got you on the edge? Well…we’ve got the best thing for that! Hide out from the craziness of the season with a fantastic space adventure – how much further can you get?! 

Eric Brown’s Binary System is on sale now! For only 99p, you can dive right into a world of adventure, survival and kick-ass characters…and give yourself a break! 

Follow the links below to grab it now…quick! It won’t last long…

Binary System is only 99p!
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Christmas gets ever closer and our deals just keep getting better! We must surely be favoured by the book gods by now! 

Today, Al Ewing’s superb masterpiece, The El Sombra Trilogy is only 99p — or 99c, for you US folks. That’s right, the entire trilogy over in the Kindle store.

Don’t miss out on your chance to get this utterly smashing read!

The El Sombra Trilogy is only 99p!
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Is christmas really christmas without an advent calendar? Without awesome gifts?! No, friends. No, it isnt.  That’s why we’re making tripple sure that we don’t mess up Christmas…

From this week all the way to the new year, we’ll be having one unbelievably awesome deal for you in our advent calendar. We’ll be hosting some ridiculously fabulous giveaways, and maybe even indulging in a few healthy competitions!

All in a bid to get you the one thing that makes our world go round: books! So, make sure you’re follwoing us and keep checking in to see what you can get for yourself!


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The Rebellion Advent Calendar: Day Fifteen

Fifteen days into Advent, and only ten days to Christmas. In the North Pole, elf and reindeer alike wishes for an end to the Santa War, but none is in sight. 

Santa has retreated into himself, a shell of the mighty red overlord he once was. In the west, Rudolfite troops wielding rolls of wrapping paper with star-shaped Christmas Tree toppers on the end push back loyalist elves. The mince pie mines are unproductive. Turkey supplies are dangerously low. 

A lone loyalist, exhausted from trekking across no elf’s land, somehow reaches Rudolf’s command bunker. He is accosted by Red Nose’s guards, treated roughly.

‘Leave him,’ says the benevolent ruby-nosed leader. He turns to the intruder. ‘Why have you come, little elf?

‘It’s Santa,’ says the elf, struggling for breath. ‘He’s… I think he might be dying.’


Wow. Dark days in the North Pole, dark days indeed – but not as dark as the goings on that James Godd conjures up in Haterz. A tale of social media savagery unlike any other, if you’ve ever felt like you hate the internet and everybody on it (as we all have from time to time), then this is the book for you.

And it’s now only 99p/99c! Imagine that! Head over to Amazon and grab the eBook of Haterz for less than the price of… well, anything really. Go, before we change our minds!

Haterz is now only 99p/99c!
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The Rebellion Advent Calendar: Day Fourteen

Advent is fourteen days old. The Santa Wars rumble on. 

Claus weeps, a shell of his magnificent former self. The sherry is gone, and with it his resolve. The Red One is inconsolable. Even one of Mrs Claus’s honey-cured hams can’t alleviate his malaise.

Across the Claus Compound the massed ranks of loyalist troops listen to the wails of their glorious leader. Sergeant Merrymittens, a legend among his troops, orders them to stand down.

‘Go back to your gingerbread cottages men,’ he says. ‘Wrap a present. Build a toy. Roast a bird. Enjoy the old ways while you still can. There will be no war today, but it’s coming, mark my words.’

In a dark corner of the compound, a lone elf slips through the guards and sprints off into the night, carrying with him news of the decline of Claus…


Where is this story going, exactly? We don’t know. Maybe you do. We’ll surely all find out soon enough, though. We anticipate some kind of resolution come Christmas Day, for some reason..

In the meantime, would you like to win an ARC of Clifford Beal’s excellent new sea-faring fantasy The Guns Of Ivrea? Of course you would!

To enter, either head over to Twitter and retweet us, or email with the word IVREA as the subject title. Good luck!

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The Rebellion Advent Calendar: Day Eleven

Advent, day eleven, and after a relentless Rudolfite carolling barrage that kept Santa’s entire compound awake throughout the night, Claus the Merciless is in a foul mood.

‘Bring me the Decorators,’ he sneers at Sergeant Merrymittens, the recently decorated hero of Burnt Turkey Ridge. ‘Tell them to bring all the baubles they have.’

He has a plan, and there are gasps as Claus the All-Seeing explains it to his troops. At day’s end, an entire Decorators division is arrayed before the relentlessly Good King Wenceslas-ing Rudolfites.

‘Sir?’ says Merrymittens.

Claus gives the nod, and the Santa War will never be the same again…


War! What is it good for? How about military sci-fi, it’s pretty good for that, right? And nobody does it better than James Lovegrove, the king of all Godpunk, and a bestseller to boot.

For today’s Advent special offer, all James Lovegrove titles are half price in the Rebellion store, for a very limited time only. Go and grab yourself a god-damn bargain, and enjoy!

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The Rebellion Advent Calendar: Day Nine

Advent, 9 December 2015: Santa Wars!

A loyalist Elf batallion shivers in the trenches beyond Burnt Turkey Ridge. They clutch sharpened candy canes and await the rebels. Word comes down that Rudolfite troops are headed right for them. 

‘Remember what we’re fighting for, lads,’ says Sergeant Merrymittens. ‘Presents under trees! Drinking before midday! Eating so much you feel sick! Christmas, damnit, we’re fighting for Christmas!’

The ragged elven cheer is shortlived. The rebels, led by Colonel Prancer, smash into their flank. Candy canes crack; baubles rain down on defender and attacker alike; elf battles elf. 

‘For Santa!’ cries Merrymittens, hurling himself at a charging reindeer. 

For a time, all is chaos, and violence, and tinsel. 

…and then it’s over. The battlefield is strewn with broken baubles and slightly scratched elves.

On Burnt Turkey Ridge, in a heavily fortified bunker of triple-baked ginger bread, Claus surveys the destruction. 

‘Rudolf,’ he whispers, a single tear rolling down his rosy red cheek. ‘What have I done…’


War is hell people. But you know what’s actually kind of great? Advent, that’s what! And today we’re celebrating with another awesome offer: Al Ewing’s Death Got No Mercy eBook is now only 99p/ppc! 

Can you resist a book that has a man punching a bear on the cover, especially after our rousing tale of elf versus reindeer? OF COURSE YOU CAN’T! So head on over to Amazon and get yourself involved. And don’t forget to check back tomorrow for another Rebellion Advent special…

Death Got No Mercy is now 99p/99c!
Buy now: UK|US

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The Rebellion Advent Calendar: Day Eight

Eight days of December have passed. On a snow-swept plain outside of Santa’s gated manse, Claus the Mighty, leather whip in his hand, stares down Rudolf.

‘End this madness, old friend,’ says the Father of all Christmas. ‘Let the strikes cease and let us celebrate Yuletide together. Ho, ho, ho.’

Rudolf is unmoved. The rest of the reindeer nervously shift about on the snow behind him, making an almighty mess in the process. 

‘No,’ says Rudolf (because, of course, he can speak). ‘We want rights, Santa, and a proper holiday allowance, and fair pay for a fair Christmas.’

‘So be it,’ says Claus. 

The whip cracks. Prancer throws himself in front of Rudolf, shielding the Reindeer leader from the whip. There are gasps, then shouts. Claus retreats with a handful of loyal elves. A single tear rolls down Rudolf’s face. 

‘What have you done, Santa…’


Well that was all rather dramatic wasn’t it? If you fancy reading a story that doesn’t involve a gradually escalating industrial dispute in the North Pole, then perhaps we can interest you in our massive Tomes Of The Dead Advent Sale Spectacular!

Titles fom the likes of Al Ewing, Rebecca Levene, Weston Ochse, Nate Crowley and loads more are now only 99p/99c, for a VERY limited time only! 

So get your Kindle ready and get a-clicking…

  • The Lazarus Conundrum UK|US 
  • The Sea Hates A Coward UK|US 
  • The Devil’s Plague UK|US
  • I, Zombie UK|US
  • Anno Mortis UK|US
  • Death Hulk UK|US
  • Empire Of Salt UK|US
  • The Words Of Their Roaring UK|US
  • Dead Stop UK|US
  • Stronghold UK|US
  • Way Of The Barefoot Zombie UK|US
  • The Viking Dead UK|US

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The Rebellion Advent Calendar: Day Seven

Advent. Day seven. Claus the Mighty is feeling the strain. His mood is as black as the coal he gives naughty children, and heavy is the head that wears the merry red hat. 

Christmas is on the cusp of being cancelled due to industrial action. The reindeers, under the leadership of Rudolf, have unionised. The elves man their own tiny picket line and hurl abuse at the few of their kind that work on through the tumult. The mince pie mines are silent. There are no scissors snipping ribbons in the Wrapping Enclosure. 

Claus upends a bottle and smashes it on the floor. He burps, wipes a sleeve across his sherry-stained beard and clears a pile of tattered tunics from an ancient trunk. He takes out the whip, the one he hasn’t used since the Great Agreement of 1902, and growls a single word:



Yes, it’s all getting rather grim in the North Pole, but worry not! We’re still celebrating Advent, primarily to try and keep old Santa’s spirits up. Today, we’ve knocked Al Ewing’s work of actual, proper genius The Fictional Man down to 99p/99c in eBook. So get yourself over to Amazon for a proper pre-Christmas treat. Go on, you deserve it!

The Fictional Man is now only 99p/99c!
Buy now: UK|US