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Happy publication day The Guns Of Ivrea

The day has arrived! Clifford Beal’s superb swashbuckler of a story The Guns Of Ivrea is finally out in the wild. Hooray!

Cliff’s been chatting to all manner of folk about his new fantasy series, and you can check out some of the coverage below:

There’s also a review in the current issue of SFX, and plenty more to come. So, congratulations Cliff, and here’s to many more adventures in Valdur!

The Guns Of Ivrea is out now!

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The Rebellion Advent Calendar: Day Fourteen

Advent is fourteen days old. The Santa Wars rumble on. 

Claus weeps, a shell of his magnificent former self. The sherry is gone, and with it his resolve. The Red One is inconsolable. Even one of Mrs Claus’s honey-cured hams can’t alleviate his malaise.

Across the Claus Compound the massed ranks of loyalist troops listen to the wails of their glorious leader. Sergeant Merrymittens, a legend among his troops, orders them to stand down.

‘Go back to your gingerbread cottages men,’ he says. ‘Wrap a present. Build a toy. Roast a bird. Enjoy the old ways while you still can. There will be no war today, but it’s coming, mark my words.’

In a dark corner of the compound, a lone elf slips through the guards and sprints off into the night, carrying with him news of the decline of Claus…


Where is this story going, exactly? We don’t know. Maybe you do. We’ll surely all find out soon enough, though. We anticipate some kind of resolution come Christmas Day, for some reason..

In the meantime, would you like to win an ARC of Clifford Beal’s excellent new sea-faring fantasy The Guns Of Ivrea? Of course you would!

To enter, either head over to Twitter and retweet us, or email with the word IVREA as the subject title. Good luck!

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Cover reveal: Clifford Beal’s The Guns Of Ivrea

Pirates! Merfolk! The briny deep! We can’t resist diving into stories set on the seven seas, and we’re willing to wager that you’ll want to join us once you’ve seen the cover of Clifford Beal’s The Guns Of Ivrea, revealed here for the very first time.  

The Guns Of Ivrea – the first of a brand new series coming from Solaris in 2016 – introduces us to Valdur, a bold new world bursting with swashbuckling storytelling, as the author himself explains:

The Guns of Ivrea is a real departure from my previous 17th century historical fantasy novels,” says Beal. “The move to high-epic and high- octane secondary world fantasy has been both challenging and exhilarating. But in many ways, Valdur is a distorted mirror of renaissance Europe with all the colour, conflict, and inventions that we know from that era. Adam Doyle’s cover art has really captured the spirit of the fantastic with his surfacing merfolk overseen by the shadow of my pirate protagonist.”  

And so, without any further ado, here’s the cover itself in all its watery glory…

Intriguing, eh? We’ll be revealing more about the world of Valdur and The Guns Of Ivrea soon.

In the meantime, remember to check back here for more Clifford Beal news, and don’t forget to follow the author on Twitter, Facebook and at the official Clifford Beal website.

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