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The Rebellion Advent Calendar: Day Two

Can you hear the feint sound of bells jingling? Did you catch the slightest whiff of roasting turkey on the air? Hear the distant rustling of wrapping paper?

Christmas is coming. As you read this, Claus is whipping his elves into a state of almost uncontrollable panic. They’re close to breaking point, and it’s all for you…

Yes, he holiday season is barrelling through December at a rate of knots, and we’ve decided to celebrate the approaching holiday with our very own advent calendar. Behind today’s window?

An awesome 50% off sale of all Jonathan Strahan edited anthologies in the Rebellion store, running for a whole week! 

Celebrating both Christmas and the iminent release of the brand new Strahan-edited anthology Meeting Infinity – which is out this week – you don’t want to miss this sale. 

Honestly, there’s some incredible stuff in here. Within these pages are stories from Alastair Reynolds, Elizabeth Bear, Scott Lynch, Trudi Canavan, Steven Baxter, Joe Abercrombie, KJ Parker… the list goes on. 

So get yourself over to our eBooks store and grab yourself some bargains while you can. Fly, you fools!