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Digital makeover: complete!

We’ve been furiously polishing our pixels* at Rebellion HQ of late, giving our site a bit of a makeover and generally being forward-thinking and digitally-minded, like all good 21st century publishers should be.

You’ll notice a few additional features here on, including new areas for finding out all about our Books and Authors, a search bar for getting to whatever it is you’re after nice and quickly, and a tidy up around the place.

We’ve also changed our Twitter handle, so that from now on instead of following seperate accounts for Solaris, Abaddon and Ravenstone, you can now find everything under one Twitter-roof – if you don’t already, go ahead and follow us @RebellionPub.

And don’t forget to come and see us on Facebook as well, to complete the digital circle.

Have fun poking around our new-look site – and try not to spill anything, these are new carpets…

*Not a eupemism, honest.

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The great Rebellion social media overhaul

If you follow Solaris, Abaddon or Ravenstone on social media might have noticed some changes of late. But why, we hear you cry?

Well, it’s all to make your life easier. Up to now, if you wanted the full picture of all things Rebellion you needed to be a fan of separate Facebook and Twitter accounts for all three of our imprints, Solaris, Abaddon and Ravenstone. All in, that’s six – count ‘em – different social media accounts.

That’s a lot of social media-ing, folks.

So, we’ve decided to streamline. It’ll mean that you can get your daily dose of Rebellion goodness by simply following one Twitter account and liking one Facebook page.

You might have seen that this process has already begun on Facebook, where we recently merged our three separate pages for Solaris, Abaddon and Ravenstone into one, glorious Rebellion Publishing page.

We’ll be doing something similar on Twitter as well. We’re going to stop tweeting from our @abaddonbooks and @ravenstonepress profiles, while keeping our @solarisbooks profile, which we will be renaming @rebellionpub. This change will be going live at midday on Wednesday, 23 September, so remember that when you want to @ us or send us a message!

NOTE: If you follow @solarisbooks, you don’t need to do anything! If you don’t, then follow @solarisbooks! There’s no need to follow any other accounts, as @solarisbooks will automatically swap over to its new name on 23 September.

After this change comes into effect, you’ll be able to find all your Rebellion updates at and

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean we’re shutting any of our imprints. On the contrary, Solaris, Abaddon and Ravenstone will continue to publish the very finest genre fiction, each with their own inimitable slant, until the heat death of the universe (and even then we’ll probably keep going). We’re simply making it easier for you to keep up to date with all our books, all the time.

So head over to Facebook and like our newly revamped page, and make sure you follow us @solarisbooks on Twitter before we close our Abaddon and Ravenstone accounts.


The Rebellion Publishing Team