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Announcing Binary System, a new Eric Brown duology

One of the leading lights in modern science fiction, Eric Brown, is back with Binary System, a brand new duology from Solaris.

Released initially as a pair of eBooks with Binary landing this September and System set to arrive in February 2017, they will then be collected in a print collection in summer 2017.

But what’s it all about, you cry? Well, read on to find out…

On what should have been a routine mission to the star system of 61 Cygni A, Delia Kemp finds herself shunted over ten thousand light years through space into an uncharted sector of the galactic arm.

The only survivor of a catastrophic starship blow-out, Delia manages to land her life-raft on the inhospitable, ice-bound world of Valinda, populated by a race of hostile aliens, the Skelt.

What follows is a break-neck adventure as Delia escapes from the Skelt and travels south through a phantasmagorical landscape as the long winter comes to an end and the short, blistering summer approaches.

The Skelt will stop at nothing to obtain Delia’s technical knowledge – but what Delia wants is impossible: to leave Valinda and return to Earth…

Both Binary and System are available for preorder in the Rebellion store now!
Pre-order: Binary|System