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The very real genius of Al Ewing

We’ve known for years that Al Ewing is a genius, but it turns out that internet is bursting with people who want nothing more than to prove it.

First up, the David Mann over at Sequart has written a frankly enormous three-part think piece on Al’s El Sombra trilogy. It’s a thoughtful, illustrative look at what makes Al such a brilliant writer, and dissects his take on pulp superheroics – which, let it be forever we remembered, we published long before Al conquered the American mainstream comics market and the rest of the world discovered him.

Check out Sequart’s look at El SombraGods Of Manhatten and Pax Omega and have your mind blown.

But wait, that’s not all!

Blogger Too Busy Thinking About Comics has taken a similarly deep interest in Al’s Pax Brittania work – this time focussing exclusively on Gods Of Manhatten.

Have a read and join the fun:

Part one: On Al Ewing’s Gods Of Manhatten, and what the superhero comic might learn from it

Part two: Developing the habit

Part three: Death without a last hot dog?

Part four: His gun full of magic bullets…

It’s all really rather brilliant isn’t it – just like Al. Don’t forget you can follow Al on Twitter.

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