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Weird Space: The Baba Yaga published in the US today!

You there! Do you like space? Do you like weirdness? Yes? Then you must purchase a copy of Weird Space: The Baba Yaga by Eric Brown and Una McCormack immediately! Helpfull, it is out in the good old US of A right NOW!

It’s the latest standalone instalment in Eric Brown’s epic space opera series, which he’s handing over to Una McCormack – a safe pair of hands if ever there were. You probably know Una from her work on some of the biggest space-y franchises, well, ever – Trek, Who, all the good stuff.

But what’s the story, I hear you cry? Well, The growing threat of the dimension-invading Weird has driven the Expansion government to outright paranoia. Mandatory telepathic testing is introduced, and the colony Braun’s World – following reports of a new Weird portal opening – is destroyed from orbit, at an unimaginable cost in lives.

Delia Walker, a senior analyst in the Expansion’s intelligence bureau and a holdout of the pragmatic old guard, protest the oppressive new policies and is drummed out. Sure there’s a better way, she charters the decrepit freighter the Baba Yaga and heads into the lawless “Satan’s Reach,” following rumours of a world where humans and the Weird live peacefully side by side.

Hunted by the Bureau, Walker, her pilot Yershov, and Fait – a Vetch child stowaway, fleeing slavery – will uncover secrets about both the Weird and the Expansion; secrets that could prevent catastrophic war…

Sound awesome? Of course it bloody does! Now go and buy it!

The Baba Yaga is out now!
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