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Happy publication day A Study In Starlets!

Hey you! You like Sherlock Holmes right? Of course you bloody well do!

Well, we’ve got good news for you: Gini Koch’s bloody (and we mean this really quite literally) marvellous A Study In Starlets is out in eBook format TODAY!

That’s right, for less that the price of your caffeinated beverage of choice, you can bag some of the finest Holmesian literature currently to be found anywhere in the known (or unknown) universe.

But what, we hear you cry, is A Study In Starlets about? Well, in a universe where Ms. Sherlock Holmes (that’s right, your eyes don’t deceive you, we said miss) and her trusty Watson have relocated to Hollywood and set up as private investigators, murder, mystery and all the seedy darkness of early Hollywood follow them around and, well, things get messy.

Irresistible isn’t it?

A Study In Starlets is out now, and you should buy it. Immediately. Go on, off you pop…


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Discover a new Sherlock in A Study In Starlets

Think you know Sherlock Holmes? Think again!

In A Study In Starlets, the latest Holmesian novella from Abaddon (which is available for preorder now), Gini Koch’s Holmes is quite unlike any you’ve ever seen before. She – aha! – is, among other things, based in LA, and solving crimes by trawling Hollywood’s dark underbelly…

‘It’s apt that Gini Koch’s chosen the world of television as the backdrop for her stories,’ says Abaddon chief David Thomas Moore. ‘Gini’s Sherlock is one of those characters you start mentally casting the moment you meet her (Anne Hathaway, if you’re wondering). She’s a true Holmes – insightful, sharp, impatient and unassailably self-righteous – but with a warmth, and a loving wit, that both perfectly complement the character and take you entirely by surprise. A Study in Starlets is a brutal takedown of Hollywood, and an utterly joyous romp.’

Along with her partner Dr. John Watson , she’s just settling in as a consulting detective in hernew home, when notorious reality starlet Irene Adler comes to call, asking for their help solving an extraordinary—and embarrassing—theft.

As a thoroughly smitten Watson closes the door on Adler’s back, TV producers Joey Jackson and Tony Antonelli call on the pair. Their partner, Cliff Camden, has disappeared without a trace on the eve of filming for the new show; rumour has it he’s taken off with their money. The LAPD aren’t interested and Watson has nothing but contempt for the three, but Holmes takes the case.

As they pick their way amongst the grumbling crew, the neurotic actors and the low-level sleaze that permeates the city, it starts to become clear the two cases are connected—when a murder turns everything on its head…

A Study in Starlets is the second of three new novellas following on from the stories in Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets, and includes the story “All the Single Ladies.”

A Study In Starlets is out on 11 September.

Preorder now: US|UK