The 12th Volume in this highly anticipated, much lauded series from award-winning editor, Jonathan Strahan is out next month! 

Genre-defining and incisive, The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of The Year features stories from the brightest literary voices in Science Fiction and Fantasy. This is the latest in a series that has been called “a must-read for fans of science fiction, fantasy, and short stories in general.” (Booklist).

With more than 200,000 words of fiction by the very best writers working in the field, it’s an essential addition to every science fiction & fantasy reader’s bookshelf. 

The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year Vol. Twelve is out from Solaris Books in March.

Read on for more about the book and follow the links below to pre-order your copy. 

Ed. Jonathan Strahan

Science Fiction is a portal that opens doors onto futures too rich and strange to imagine; fantasy takes us through doorways of magic and wonder. 

For more than a decade, award-winning editor Jonathan Strahan has sifted through tens of thousands of stories to select the best, the most interesting, the most engaging science fiction and fantasy to delight readers. 

Featuring stories from Charlie Jane Anders, Karl Schroeder, Yoon Ha Lee, Maureen McHugh, R.S. Benedict, Alastair Reynolds, Danial Abraham, Suzanne Palmer, Caroline M. Yoachim and many more. 

The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year is available to pre-order!
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