Two more books confirmed for the Quantum Evolution series

Calling all Derek Künsken fans, we are very excited to confirm that the Quantum Evolution series will in fact be a quartet! The third instalment titled The Quantum War will be out from Solaris in autumn 2021, followed by a fourth book The Quantum Temple in 2023.

Derek discusses the upcoming novels with Paul Semel in an interview:

“I’ve been working through my thoughts on The Quantum Evolution series, and think that the third book will be The Quantum War, which will be about the Congregate-Union war and the nature of the involvement of the Homo quantus. It should be out in 2021.

The (previously unmentioned) fourth novel would be The Quantum Temple,and will be the story focusing on the Homo quantus exploration of the permanent wormhole network that humanity has discovered, and Belisarius’ quest to resurrect the Hortus quantus.”


We are also delighted to be publishing the novella Pollen from a Future Harvest by Derek, in 2021, along with more exciting short fiction in the next few years.

But until then, get ready for The House of Styx, the start of a brand new series, Venus Ascendant, set in the clouds of Venus 250 years before The Quantum Magician.

Out in eBook August 20th (and hardback April 2021) pre-order The House of Styx with Rebellion Publishing and receive The Science Behind the Quantum Magician for free; an article revealing the scientific thinking behind the Quantum Evolution books.

The sequel, The House of Saints, will be coming out in 2022.

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