It’s the gripping conclusion to the smart and subversive urban fantasy series we’ve all been waiting for! The incredible Cassandra Khaw brings to a close the Gods and Monsters series with trademark style, gore, and humour! 

Bringing together the characters we have met along the way (Tanis Barlas, Cason Cole, Louie Fitzsimmons and, of course, Rupert Wong), Khaw tackles the biggest question of all as the gang come together for the first time to figure out…where did the father gods go?

With the same flair and style that made Food of the Gods one of 2017’s critically acclaimed debuts, The Last Supper Before Ragnarok will have you searching high and low for a place to lock yourself in so you can’t be disturbed — or so you can hide! 

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Cassandra Khaw


Tanis Barlas, snake-woman assassin. Cason Cole, the killer of gods. Louie Fitzsimmons, the last known Prophet. And Rupert Wong, a chef who just wants to eat his instant noodles and stay home. 

The Greek Pantheon has been obliterated, and gods and monsters across the globe are looking to fill the vacuum. But Rupert, Case, Fitz, and Tanis have bigger problems to deal with. It’s time to answer the biggest question of all: 

Where did the father gods go?  

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