The wait is over, Fracured Europe Fans! Europe at Dawn, the astonishing, mind-blowing conclusion to the highly acclaimed series penned by the magnifiscent Dave Hutchinson is out now! 

A series that now seems too close to the bone in many ways, it’s safe to say that we’ve all waited to see how the talented Dave Hutchinson will take this gritty, sophisticated and beautifully written series to it’s final end…and (just a small spoiler) we can tell you now, you will not be disappointed! 

A gift to the science fiction fans everywhere, the award-winning Fractured Europe series is certainly not to be missed! 

Dave will be launching Europe at Dawn for those of you in the south at Bath Waterstones on the 6th of November, and will be guest of honour at this year’s Sledge Lit on the 24th of November in Derby for you Midland-ers! And will be doing a reading and interview at the SRFC on the 12th of February, 2019. 

Read on for more about the book and click the links below to order your copy!

Europe At Dawn
Dave Hutchinson

The Phenomenal conclusion to the Fractured Europe series.

In Tallinn, Alice—a junior Scottish diplomat—is drawn into an incomprehensible plot spanning decades. In the Aegean, young refugee Benno makes a desperate break for freedom and finds himself in a strange new life. 

On the canals of England, a fleet of narrow boats is gathering. Rudi, now a seasoned Coureur, finds himself drawn away from the kitchen one last time as he sets out with his ally Rupert in pursuit of a dead man.

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“Mind-bending, smart, human, with espionage thrills wrapped up in a reality-altering Europe, all told with sparkling prose and wit.” 
Patrick Ness

“Hutchinson’s entire Europe-series are wonderful: not quite science fiction, not quite crime, not quite current realism, but some of all.” 

“High-powered fiction of the cleverest sort.” 
LA Review of Books

“Fantastic, readable and remarkable.”

“Hutchinson goes from strength to strength.” 
Adrian Tchaikovsky

The Guardian