Solaris is proud to announce a chilling new novel from Simon Bestwick: The Feast of All Souls, to be published in December 2016.

A creeping, unsettling story of folk horror set in the north west of England, The Feast of All Souls is a thoroughly British tale in the finest traditions of Alan Garner and Graham Joyce.

Solaris Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Oliver said:

“Simon Bestwick is up there with the very best English horror writers – Alison Littlewood, Adam Nevill, Ramsey Campbell etc. His novels are terrifying, yes, but they are nevertheless very human. Simon’s characters are fully fleshed, and brilliantly portrayed and you will care what happens to them. The Feast of All Souls is not only an engrossing and entertaining story of the supernatural, it is a story about ourselves and our relationship with the past.”

Simon Bestwick said:

“This is my second book for Solaris and my third for Jon Oliver. As always, he’s been a real pleasure to work with, an editor who believes in guiding and nurturing his authors’ talents. The book itself is a bit of a departure – it’s a quieter, more intimate novel. It’s also my first set in Manchester, or more exactly Salford, even though I lived there for years, and draws in particular on the Landslide in Higher Broughton, which is a place I love.”

The Feast of All Souls by Simon Bestwick will be published by Solaris in December 2016 – read on for a full synopsis…


The Feast of All Souls
by Simon Bestwick

The suburb of Crawbeck, on a hill outside Manchester, overlooks the woodlands of Browton Vale. Alice Collier was happy here, once; following her daughter’s death and the breakdown of her marriage, she’s come back, to pick up the threads of her life.

378 Collarmill Road looks like an ordinary semi-detached house. But sometimes, the world outside the windows isn’t the one you expect to see. And sometimes you’ll turn around and find you’re not alone. John Revell, an old flame of Alice’s, reluctantly comes to her aid. The hill is a place of legends – of Old Harry, the Beast of Crawbeck, of the Virgin of the Height and of the mysterious Red Man – and home to the secrets of the shadowy Arodias Thorne.

Alice’s house stands at a gateway between worlds. On the other side of it, something has woken. And she and John, alone, stand in its way…