The Medusa Seed

When Detective Judge Armitage is sent to Mega-City One, he thinks that things can’t get any worse. Then he runs into Judge Dredd – and discovers his problems have only just begun . . .

Chicago, 1926: Mass-murderer Albert Fish is to be executed in the electric chair. But when the lever is pulled, a massive power surge opens a space-time gateway and sends Fish hurtling into the future.

Mega-City One, 2116: Judge Dredd is fighting a desperate battle against the fanatical following of a charasmatic Brit-Cit sociopath. Meanwhile, across the city, something strange and frightening is happening to reality.

These events are linked. To discover how, Judge Dredd must unwillingly unite with Brit-Cit Judge Armitage to defeat a menace that threatens both their cities – and perhaps the entire world.

12th Aug 2015
244 pages
Judge Dredd

About the author

Dave Stone has written for 2000AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine, creating the Soul Sisters and Armitage, and contributing to the ongoing Judge Hershey series. His most lasting contribution to the world of Judge Dredd might well have been his vision of Brit-Cit. He has also written a number of Judge Dredd and Doctor Who novels.