Available on: 18th March 2021

From the wonderful time travel of ‘Rendezvous: 1937’ by Zhao Haihong, to the mech-themed robot warfare of Nian Yu’s ‘Cat’s Chance In Hell’ and the transhumanism of Wang Jinkang’s ‘The Return of Adam’, this all-original English Language anthology has something for everyone.

These thirteen ground-breaking stories represent the wide range of Chinese speculative fiction. From the renowned Jiang Bo’s ‘The Library At The End OF The Universe’ to Regina Kanyu Wang’s ‘The Tide of Moon City, and Anna Wu’s ‘The Girl With The Pearl Earing’, this is a collection for all fans of great fiction.

Award winners, bestsellers, screenwriters, playwrights, philosophers, university lecturers and computer programmers, these twelve writers represent the breadth of Chinese SF, from new to old: Nian Yu, Zhao HaiHong, Regina Kanyu Wang, Wang JinKang, Tang Fei, Anna Wu, Shao Xiyue, Han Song, Jiang Bo, Bao Shu and A Que.

18th Mar 2021
608 pages