Sexton Blake's New Order

The Sexton Blake Library 5

Available on: 27th April 2021

For nearly a century, Sexton Blake was the most written about character in British fiction. He starred in approximately four thousand stories by nearly two hundred authors. A cross between Sherlock Holmes and Indiana Jones, he was a publishing phenomenon, read by young and old alike.

Comprised of three Sexton Blake Library stories from the “New Order”, Blake enters the roaring ‘60s in great style, with adventures involving volcanoes, psychics and more!

The World Shakers by Desmond Reid (Rex Dolphin) (1960).

An insane scientist is on the loose, a villain’s base is located in a dormant volcano, and Sexton Blake encounters flying saucers, thought-scrambling ray guns, and malformed aliens… or does he?

The Big Steal by Jack Trevor Story (1960)

A man is tricked into committing a crime, his wife enjoys the profits, another crime is committed, the man is caught, his wife goes on a spending spree, rings are run around various investigators, and Sexton Blake comes up with a plan …

Bred to Kill by Martin Thomas (Thomas Martin) (1960)

A fox-hunting protest ruffles feathers, a killer is on the loose, strange characters abound, a psychic investigator gets to work, a mad biologist experiments in a secret laboratory, a boy is missing, evolution is reversed, a creature is hunted, and an Adept fulfils a mission for the Masters.

27th Apr 2021
432 pages

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