Creatures: the Legend of Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein is the first to unlock the key to life, but not the last. Over two centuries of relentless advancement, five more minds find the secret, and five more creatures are made.
Five more stories end in tragedy.
From the stinking streets of 1850s London to the sun-drenched hysteria of a modern cruise liner, amidst passion, jealousy, art, obsession, desperation and war, Creatures is a hidden history of a forbidden science.

16th Oct 2018
304 pages

About the author

Emma Newman writes science fiction and urban fantasy novels, along with dark short stories. Between Two Thorns, the first book in Emma’s Split Worlds urban fantasy series, was shortlisted for the BFS Best Novel and Best Newcomer awards. Emma’s most recent book, Planetfall, was a standalone science fiction novel published by Ace/Roc. Emma is a professional audiobook narrator and also co-writes and hosts the Hugo-nominated podcast Tea and Jeopardy, which involves tea, cake, mild peril and singing chickens. Her hobbies include dressmaking and playing RPGs. She blogs at