Apocalypse War Book 2: The World Will End Today

The Apocalypse War 2


Available on: 10th August 2022

The Sovs are coming! The Sovs are here!

Block Mania was just the start. The East-Meg One Sov’s have infected Mega City One with Block-Mania to throw the city into massive, bloody turf wars.

And all of this is just a prologue to an all-out nuclear attack.

Now East-Meg One is invading.

There are troops on the ground, bombs are dropping and the Mega City One is on fire.

And the Judges are drawing the line.

10th Aug 2022
144 pages

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About the author

John Ware reads comics, teaches history, and writes fiction. Here is where all these things come together. 2000 AD has been so long a part of his life that stories set in the world of Judge Dredd pretty much count as historical fiction to him. He used to work in the construction industry until they made him stop. He is now a part-time university lecturer in his home town of Cork. He is the author of Dirty Shirt and A Green Bough.