OUT NOW: The Outfit by David Tallerman!

We’re delighted to be wishing David Tallerman’s The Outfit a very happy book birthday!

The Outfit: The Absolutely True Story of the Time Joseph Stalin Robbed a Bank is a thrilling mad-cap bank job tale with carriage chases, mattresses stuffed with cash and cunning disguises.

Lies and double-crosses, secret police and explosions, a carriage chase, a mattress stuffed with cash and a one-eyed master of disguise…

In 1907, the revolutionary Joseph Djugashvili – who would later take the name Joseph Stalin – met with an old friend, a clerk at the Tiflis branch of the State Bank of the Russian Empire, for a glass of milk. Over talk of national pride, the spirit of the new century and Djugashvili’s poetry, they agreed the beginnings of a plan.

With the aid of the Outfit, Djugashvili’s hardened crew of “expropriators,” they would pull off the biggest, bloodiest and most daring robbery in Georgia’s history, and ruthlessly change the direction of the Bolshevik revolution forever…

‘David Tallerman brings one of the Twentieth Century’s lesser-known incidents – masterminded by one of its greatest monsters – vividly to life.’ — Dave Hutchinson

“An absolutely ripping novel; rollicking, thrilling, twisty; in short, one of the best heist novels I’ve read this decade, without qualification.” — Kit Power

“Exciting, gritty, and dramatic, this book has it all.” — Telegraph & Argus