The beautiful science fiction novel The Human Son by Adrian J. Walker is now out in paperback in the UK!

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500 years in the future, Earth is a paradise… Without us.

The Earth was dying, and only the Erta could save it. Created to be genetically superior, hyper-intelligent and unburdened by the full range of human emotions, they succeeded by removing the cause: humans.

Now the Erta are faced with a dilemma—if they reintroduce the rebellious and violent Homo sapiens, all of their work could be undone.

They decide to raise one child: a sole human to decide if we should again inherit the Earth.

But the quiet and clinical Ima finds that there is more to raising a human than she had expected; and there is more to humanity’s history than she has been told.

“Adrian Walker’s books always have big ideas that make me think, I wish I’d thought of that! But like any great writer it’s the more intimate aspects to his writing, the humour and humanity, that really makes his work shine. The Human Son is another winner.” — Tim Lebbon, author of Eden

“This impressive, surprisingly hopeful take is as rigorous as a thought experiment as it is delightful as pure entertainment.” — Publishers Weekly starred review

“A prevailing mood of ironic charm.” — The Times

The Human Son delivers a story that fosters a curious mind and an open heart, questioning and inspiring both without judgement.” — SciFiNow

“Enthralling from the opening line, The Human Son is grounded and heart-rending, a human and hopeful entry to the library of post-apocalyptic literature.” — Aurealis

The Human Son is a novel of emotional depth and maturity, handled by a writer at the top of his game, tackling philosophical topics with page turning effortlessness.” — Storgy Magazine

“There’s a dark note of comedy… but things soon take a turn for the profound.” — SFX