OUT NOW: Sexton Blake On The Home Front!

We’re very excited to say that the latest addition to the Sexton Blake Library, Sexton Blake On The Home Front, introduced by Mark Hodder is out now! It’s the fourth book in the Library series, and sees Sexton Blake matching minds with the very best… and worst during the Second World War.


It’s the Second World War, and Sexton Blake is matching minds with the very best… and the very worst.

When an innocent woman is condemned as a spy and her fiancé arrested while trying to escape to France, Sexton and Tinker have to travel into enemy territory in their hunt for the mastermind… and on the home front, a man is found murdered – but the suspect doesn’t know if he did it! Who else to find the truth but Sexton Blake?

Join the greatest detective as he battles with a mysterious house, a ring of traitors – and a deadly secret.

“Makes Jack Reacher look like a bungling amateur… definitely not be missed.” — The Crime Review