The 13th volume in this highly anticipated, much lauded series from award-winning author and editor, Jonathan Strahan, is out from Solaris Books today! 

The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of The Year, Volume 13 features some of the finest short science fiction and fantasy from some of the very best writers in the field. An essential addition to every science fiction and fantasy lover’s shelf, this volume features stories from such writers as N.K. Jemisin, Ursula K. Le. Guin, Zen Cho, Tade Thomposon, Dave Hutchinson, Naomi Novak and many more! 

Dive into this genre-defining and incisive anthology. 

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Ed. Jonathan Strahan


A librarian helps a desperate student find the door into a book; Sir Thomas Moore’s head is stolen and a messy rescue ensues; a mother sells a piece of her memory so her daughter can afford an education. 

Science fiction is the story of what if and what comes next. It’s more playful, more inclusive and more entertaining than it has ever been before and as the world falls apart around us, it offers us a chance to understand how things could be better, or just how a great story can get us through another night. 

The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume Thirteen brings together the very best clashes between zombies and unicorns, robots and fairies, spaceships and more in a definitive volume that takes us everywhere from the distant future and the moons of our own solar system, to one last visit to Earthsea…

The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year is available to pre-order!
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