There’s a chill in the air today, and it can only mean one thing: Europe in Winter has come.

Yes, Dave Hutchinson’s eagerly awaited third instalment of the Fractured Europe Sequence is out today, and it is an absolute belter. For our money, this series just gets better and better with each book, and is rapidly establishing itself as a modern SF classic. 

Don’t take our word for it though – check out the early reviews from the likes of The Eloquent Page (“Buy it and relish a masterful storyteller at the top of his game“) and SFF World (both a fine conclusion and an enticing set-up within a series that promises to continue overturning expectations as it grows).

All that excitement must be right, as Europe in Winter has also smashed our record for eBook preorders, a mark of a series on the rise if ever there was one. Congratulations Dave, here’s to the continued success of Rudi and the Fractured Europe Sequence!

Europe in Winter is out now!
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