Cover Reveal: Shelter by Dave Hutchinson and Haven by Adam Roberts!

We’re completely delighted to reveal the stunning new covers for our reissues of Dave Hutchinson’s Shelter and Adam Roberts’ Haven – the first two books in The Aftermath series!

These incredible books from two critically acclaimed, bestselling authors present a stunning and prescient post-apocalyptic vision of the future as humanity strives to rebuild civilisation in a world ravaged by climate change, and we’re very excited to bring them to new readers.

We’re also thrilled to announce that a third book in The AftermathSanctuary – will be coming from Dave Hutchinson in 2023!

Check out the striking new covers for Shelter and Haven, which will be released in paperback in June and August 2022 respectively.

SHELTER by Dave Hutchinson

Rural English Post-Apocalypse survival for a new generation.

The Long Autumn is coming to an end. For almost a century after the coming of The Sisters, the surviving peoples of rainswept England have huddled in small communities and on isolated farms, scavenging the remains of the old society. But now society, of a kind, is starting to rebuild itself.

In Kent, a brutal tyranny is starting to look West. In the Cotswolds, something terrible and only vaguely-glimpsed is happening. And in a little corner of Berkshire two families are at war with each other.

After decades of simply trying to survive, the battle to inherit this brutal new world is beginning.

HAVEN by Adam Roberts

Young Forktongue Davy has visions; epilepsy, his Ma calls it. He’s barely able to help around the family farm. But something about the lad is attracting attention: the menacing stranger who might be the angel of death himself; the women-only community at Wycombe; Daniel, sent by the mysterious Guz.

They all want Davy for their own reasons. But what use can he be to anyone? He has visions of flight, but how can flight ever be possible in this shattered world?

A simple farmboy, caught up in events beyond his power to control-but his visions may be the key to the future.