Announcing our Solaris Satellites novellas for 2022!

We’re over the moon to announce this year’s series of Solaris Satellites! Now entering its second year, our annual SFF novella program is back and will see the release of three incredible brand new stories from Sam J. Miller, Kwaku Osei-Afrifa, and Mário Coelho!

Available in signed limited edition paperback and eBook exclusively from the Rebellion Publishing webshop, as well as audiobook from Penguin Random House Audio, the Satellites novellas are an exciting way for us to bring the freshest SFF writing directly from publisher to reader.

All three of this year’s outstanding novellas are available to pre-order now exclusively from the Rebellion Publishing webshop. You can also buy a Season Pass for both the signed limited edition paperbacks and the eBooks to make sure you don’t miss out and get all three of our 2022 Satellites as they’re released.

This year’s Solaris Satellites are:

Kid Wolf And Kraken Boy by Sam J. Miller

“Kid” Wolffe is an up-and-coming boxer in 1920s New York. An honest fighter’s got little chance at success on the mob-controlled circuit—until ambitious lieutenant “Hinky” Friedman starts making moves to take over her boss’s business, and sees a use for the kid.

Teitelstam is a struggling tattoo artist, whose natural talent for ink magic won’t amount to much without formal training. So he’s got no idea why Hinky would offer him ten times what he’s worth to come work for her.

But Hinky has a vision for a better world, and her high-stakes plan to make it reality requires both Wolffe’s fists and Teitelstam’s magic. What neither Wolffe nor Teitelstam expects is to fall in love; and in this world, love might be more dangerous than deadly magic or an underworld turf war…

Kid Wolf And Kraken Boy launches on on 13 July 2022

The Surf by Kwaku Osei-Afrifa

Elerie Astrada is hanging in almost-space, awaiting launch.

Ultsurf is a popular, high-stakes relay race contested at the edge of a planet’s atmosphere. It’s fast, hard and dangerous: it isn’t a bloodsport, but blood is often spilled. It is also highly illegal. And Ele is at the top of her game, just a few wins away from the major leagues.

But making the fastest Split isn’t Ele’s biggest challenge. When her childhood friend India blackmails her with knowledge of her Ultsurfing career, Ele’s thrown into the politics of money and power, and way over her head. As a pawn in India’s scheme, Ele digs up everything she can on her Ultsurf rivals, the Royals—through drugs, espionage and violence—to ensure her team’s victory.

It’s brought her to this moment. Everything is in place, every deal done. Then the starter whistle blows…

The Surf launches on 17 August 2022

Unto The Godless What Little Remains by Mário Coelho

The internet is a lonesome god.

Liverloin is a fractured man, a collection of personas—artificial constructs of wants, fears and needs—created by underground science-artists to help him hide in a hyper-connected world. But he can’t hide from Big Momma.

She is the living internet, a benevolent AI who knows everything and everyone… and somehow is in love with Liverloin.

Agent Stevly works for DAIS, an AI on the other side of the internet: the darkness to Big Momma’s light. DAIS’s agents manipulate news, information and media and pull the strings behind world events, but DAIS cannot control Big Momma or understand why she loves Liverloin. Agent Stevly, bound body and soul to DAIS, will stop at nothing to find the answer.

Unto The Godless What Little Remains launches on 14 September 2022

Sam J. Miller’s books have been called “must reads” and “bests of the year” by USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, NPR, and O: The Oprah Magazine, among others. He is the Nebula-Award-winning author of Blackfish City, which has been translated into six languages and won the John W. Campbell Memorial Award. Sam’s short stories have won a Shirley Jackson Award and been nominated for the World Fantasy, Theodore Sturgeon, and Locus Awards, and have been reprinted in dozens of anthologies. He’s also the last in a long line of butchers. He lives in New York City.



Kwaku Osei-Afrifa is a writer and commissioning editor living in London. Either side of a two-year stint as a chef, they worked at Canongate, Titan, and Unbound and Hodder & Stoughton’s new imprint: Hodder Studio. They have previously written for Manchester Evening News, Huffington Post, and the Bookseller. The Surf is their first novella, a second is on the way, alongside about a million other things.



Mário Coelho is a writer from Portugal, a country he leaves often, but never for too long. When the existential dread strikes and his crap car behaves, Mário can be found driving around Europe, stopping here and there to photograph street cats and write little poems about them. Most of his stories can be considered weird fantasy, but he often ventures into horror, sci‑fi, and literary fiction. They have appeared in places like Strange Horizons and PseudoPod.



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