Abaddon is taking a trip to the Globe in 2016 with Monstrous Little Voices, a collection of new tales set in the fantastical world created by William Shakespeare.

Commissioning editor David Thomas Moore has assembled the finest voices in genre fiction to do justice to the Bard’s realms, with Emma Newman – fresh from winning a 2015 British Fantasy Award for her short story “A Woman’s Place”, appearing in Abaddon anthology Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets – joining Jonathan Barnes (The Somnambulist, Cannonbridge), Adrian Tchaikovsky (Shadows of the Apt, Children of Time) and exciting new talents Kate Heartfield and Foz Meadows.

Consisting of five interlocking stories and featuring some of the Bard’s most intriguing characters, Monstrous Little Voices is surely a fitting way to mark 400 years since Shakespeare’s death. Each individual tale will be released throughout the first quarter of 2016 as e-first novellas, before being collected in a handsome print edition.

Abaddon Commissioning Editor David Thomas Moore said:

“Centuries before The Lord of the Rings, Londoners were trooping to the Globe and the Curtain to watch stories of the fantastic: stories of fairies, magic, witches and potions, of wars won and lives changed by capricious Fate and uncertain Fortune. Monstrous Little Voices summons Shakespeare’s heroes and heroines, four hundred years almost to the day after the Bard’s death, to tell new stories of magic and mayhem, with the aid of five incredibly talented men and women. Foz, Kate, Adrian, Jonathan and Emma are wonderful storytellers, and the tale they’ve woven between them will utterly delight.”

Monstrous Little Voices: New Tales From Shakespeare’s Fantasy World
Release date: 8 March 2016        
Pre-order: UK|US           

Monstrous Little Voices Book 1: Coral Bones by Foz Meadows
Release date: 8 January 2016     
Pre-order: UK|US

Miranda, daughter to Prospero, the feared sorcerer-Duke of Milan, stifles in her new marriage. Oppressed by her father, unloved by Ferdinand, she seeks freedom; and is granted it, when her childhood friend, the fairy spirit Ariel, returns. Miranda sets out to reach Queen Titania’s court in Illyria, to make a new future… 

Monstrous Little Voices Book 2: The Course Of True Love by Kate Heartfield
Release date: 22 January 2016   
Pre-order: UK|US

Pomona, a gifted hedge-witch of advancing years in fair Illyria, is walking about her own business when she spies a fairy gentleman trapped in a secret garden. Vertumnus, King Oberon’s emissary to the Duke, has been taken captive by proud Titania, and a war is in the offing… unless Pomona can prevent it.  

Monstrous Little Voices Book 3: The Unkindest Cut by Emma Newman
Release date: 5 February 2016  
Pre-order: UK|US

Lucia de Medici sought only to marry, ending a war that has engulfed the world from Navarre to Istanbul; but she has been lied to, and made into an assassin. Now, armed with new knowledge and accompanied by the ghost of her victim, she sets out to find who so grievously deceived her, and to what end, to try and restore the damage done. 

Monstrous Little Voices Book 4: Even in the Cannon’s Mouth by Adrian Tchaikovsky
Release date: 19 February 2015
Pre-order: UK|US

Illyria’s Duke Orsino has raised new, powerful allies, and in a last-ditch attempt to win the war, Don Pedro and his brother John, wise old Jacques and the physician Helena sail to Milan to appeal in person for the wizard Prospero’s aid. But unseasonal storms drive them onto the Illyrian shore, and into the hands of their enemies… 

Monstrous Little Voices Book 5: On the Twelfth Night by Jonathan Barnes
Release date: 4 March 2016        
Pre-order: UK|US

Anne Hathaway – contented wife of a glovemaker and aletaster, proud mother of three – has her life turned upside down when strangers, oddly familiar, come to her door and whisk her husband away. What is their business, this terrible danger they say we all face? What is the lattice, and what part must her Will play to save it?