We’re over the moon to announce three re-issues coming in 2020, all of which have been given a makeover and a gorgeous new cover!

First to launch on January 7th is Dave Hutchinson’s Europe in Autumn – a thriller of espionage and the future which reads like the love child of John le Carre and Franz Kafka – followed later in the month by Not So Stories, David Moore’s anthology of short works from culturally diverse writers in reaction to Kipling’s Just So Stories!

E. J. Swift’s Paris AdriftThe Time Machine meets Midnight In Paris – launches early February!

Whether you haven’t read these before, or you’re due a re-read, keep an eye out for these books early next year!


Europe as we know it is gone.

Devastated by a flu pandemic and crippled by economic collapse, the continent has fractured into countless tiny nations, a fragile web of shifting alliances seething with espionage and strange new technologies.

In a small restaurant in Krakow, chef Rudi is drawn into a new career with Les Coureurs des Bois, a shadowy organisation that will move anything across any state line – for a price.

Soon, Rudi is in a world of high-risk smuggling operations, where kidnappings and double-crosses are as natural as a map that constantly redraws itself.

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Once upon a time, Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories—fantastical yarns of wondrous creatures in faraway places—bewitched children across the world. But times change. Today, Kipling’s writing tells us a different tale; of a love of Empire, and the troubling legacy of British colonialism.

In Not So Stories, writers of colour from around the world reclaim these stories and remake them into something new. Something different. Something that belongs to us all.

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Paris was supposed to save Hallie. But Paris has other ideas.

She’s linked to a hole in time and chosen by fate to prevent a terrible war. Tumbling through Paris’ turbulent past and future, Hallie changes the world—and falls in love.

But with every trip, she loses a little of herself, and every change she makes ripples through time, until the future she’s trying to save suddenly looks nothing like what she hoped for…

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