The Rebellion Publishing 2020 Roundup

It’s been quite an extraordinary year for everyone and as 2020 finally winds down we’ve been looking back at all the incredible books released from our Solaris, Abaddon, and Rebellion imprints.

We’ve published 27 novels this year, from Sexton Blake back on the page, to brand new Judge Dredd stories, and outstandingly original science fiction, fantasy and horror books–there is “something for everyone” as they say.

We are incredibly proud of all the staff, authors, designers, proofreaders, reviewers, booksellers, and well everyone, who has come together and made this happen in a year of uncertainty.

Happy reading!

Europe in Autumn (The Fractured Europe Sequence 1) by Dave Hutchinson (new US edition)

Devastated by a flu pandemic and crippled by economic collapse, the continent has fractured into countless tiny nations, a fragile web of shifting alliances seething with espionage and strange new technologies. Europe as we know it is gone.

Not So Stories edited by David Thomas Moore (new edition)

In Not So Stories, writers of colour from around the world reclaim these stories and remake them into something new. Something different. Something that belongs to us all.

Paris Adrift by E. J. Swift (new edition)

There’s a strange woman called The Chronometrist who will not leave her alone. Garbled warnings from bizarre creatures keep her up at night. And there’s a time portal in the keg room of the bar where she works.

Soon, Hallie is tumbling through the turbulent past and future Paris, making friends, changing the world — and falling in love.

But with every trip, Hallie loses a little of herself, and every infinitesimal change she makes ripples through time, until the future she’s trying to save suddenly looks nothing like what she hoped for…

Fortress of the Dead (Zombie Army 1) by Chris Roberson

Jun is a deadhunter – and a damn good one. For her, patrolling Northern Italy with Sergeant Josiah and his elite squad, eradicating zombies and searching for survivors is nothing new.

Beneath the Rising by Premee Mohamed

Nick Prasad has always enjoyed a quiet life in the shadow of his best friend, child prodigy and technological genius Joanna ‘Johnny’ Chambers. But when Johnny invents a clean reactor that could eliminate fossil fuels and change the world, she awakens evil Ancient Ones set on subjugating humanity.

Liquid Crystal Nightingale by EeLeen Lee

Pleo Tanza is a survivor. Her father was broken by tragedy, her twin sister is dead—chewed up and spat out by the corruption and injustice of Chatoyance—but she’s going to make it, whatever it takes. She’s going to get off this rock.

Made to Order edited by Jonathan Strahan

They are often among the least privileged, most unfairly used of us, and the more robots are like humans, the more interesting they become. This collection of stories is where robots stand in for us, where both we and they are disadvantaged, and where hope and optimism shines through.

Weave the Lightning (The Bourshkanya Trilogy 1) by Corry L. Lee

Gerrit is the son of Bourshkanya’s Supreme-General. Despite his powerful storm-affinity and the State’s best training, he can’t control his magic. To escape the brutal consequences, he flees. The storms have returned, and everything will change.

Sexton Blake and the Great War (The Sexton Blake Library 1) introduced by Mark Hodder

As the battle for the Western Front rages, adventuring detective Sexton Blake pits his intellect and physical prowess against the machinations of the Kaiser. A band of intrepid allies join Blake to take on the forces of evil in three classic stories, collected here for the first time.

The Human Son by Adrian J Walker

The Earth was dying, and only the Erta could save it. Created to be genetically superior, hyper-intelligent and unburdened by the full range of human emotions, they succeeded by removing the cause: humans.

Now the Erta are faced with a dilemma—if they reintroduce the rebellious and violent Homo sapiens, all of their work could be undone.

They decide to raise one child: a sole human to decide if we should again inherit the Earth. But the quiet and clinical Ima finds that there is more to raising a human than she had expected; and there is more to humanity’s history than she has been told.

Firewalkers by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Nothing can survive at the Anchor; not without water and power. But the ultra-rich, waiting for their ride off the dying Earth? They can buy water. And thanks to their investment, the sun can provide power.

JUDGES Volume Two edited by Michael Carroll

Eustace Fargo’s new justice system has been in effect for eight years. The old days of waiting times and backlogs are over: judgement is quick, and sentencing is instantaneous. The old police academies have all shut down, and the new order is triumphant.

The Fall of Deadworld Omnibus by Matthew Smith

A brand-new omnibus collection featuring three new novellas set in the world of Judge Dredd’s iconic villains, The Dark Judges.

Shadow in the Empire of Light by Jane Routley (eBook)

Shine’s life is usually dull but when the family descend on the house for the annual Fertility Festival, she is plunged into dark intrigue; stolen letters, a fugitive spy, and family drama mix with murder, sex and secrets.

The House of Styx (Venus Ascendant 1) by Derek Künsken (eBook)

Life can exist anywhere. And anywhere there is life, there is home.

In the swirling clouds of Venus, the families of la colonie live on floating plant-like trawlers, salvaging what they can in the fierce acid rain and crackling storms. Outside is dangerous, but humankind’s hold on the planet is fragile and they spend most of their days simply surviving.

But Venus carries its own secrets, too. In the depths, there is a wind that shouldn’t exist. And the House of Styx wants to harness it.

Wanderers by Chuck Wendig (UK paperback edition)

A decadent rock star. A deeply religious radio host. A disgraced scientist. And a teenage girl who may be the world’s last hope. From the mind of Chuck Wendig comes an astonishing tapestry of humanity that Harlan Coben calls “a suspenseful, twisty, satisfying, surprising, thought-provoking epic.

Grave Secrets (The Lavington Windsor Mysteries 1) by Alice James

Toni Windsor is trying to live a quiet life. She’d love to finally master the rules of croquet, acquire a decent boyfriend and make some commission as an estate agent… but first she’s got to deal with zombies rising from their graves, vampires sneaking out of their coffins and a murder to solve.

The Angel of the Crows by Katherine Addison (UK edition)

London 1888. Angels inhabit every public building, and vampires and werewolves walk the streets with human beings in a well-regulated truce. A utopia, except for one thing: Angels can Fall, and that Fall is like a nuclear bomb in both the physical and metaphysical worlds.

Sexton Blake versus the Master Crooks (The Sexton Blake Library 2) introduced by Mark Hodder

A new breed of villain has risen, possessed of extraordinary intellect and violence. Only the brilliant mind and courage of Sexton Blake, scourge of the criminal world, can stop them, in these three classic stories, collected together in one volume for the first time.

Phoenix Extravagant by Yoon Ha Lee

Gyen Jebi isn’t a fighter, or a subversive. They just want to paint.

One day they’re jobless and desperate; the next, Jebi finds themself recruited by the Ministry of Armor to paint the mystical sigils that animate the occupying government’s automaton soldiers.

But when Jebi discovers the depths of the Razanei government’s horrifying crimes—and the awful source of the magical pigments they use—they find they can no longer stay out of politics.

What they can do is steal Arazi, the ministry’s mighty dragon automaton, and find a way to fight…

Northern Wrath (The Hanged God Trilogy 1) by Thilde Kold Holdt

The bond between men and the gods is weakening. A dead man walks between the worlds and foresees Odin’s doom. The only survivor of a slaughter unleashes a monster from fiery Muspelheim. And the final battle is coming…

Judge Fear’s Big Day Out and Other Stories edited by Michael Carroll

Edited by and with an introduction by Dredd veteran Michael Carroll, Judge Fear’s Big Day Out and Other Stories gathers the very best short stories from more than a decade of the Judge Dredd Megazine.

The Chimera Code (The Witchware Series) by Wayne Santos

If you need something done, Cloke’s one of the best; a mercenary with some unusual talents and an attitude to match. But when she’s hired by a virtual construct to destroy the other copies of himself, and the down payment is a new magical skill, she knows this job is going to be hard.

Infernal (The Chronicles of Stratus 1) by Mark de Jager

In the war-torn lands of Krandin, a kingdom fighting against the Worm King of the Penullin Empire and his dark magic, a stranger wakes, knowing only that his name is Stratus.

The Relentless Moon (A Lady Astronaut Novel) by Mary Robinette Kowal (UK edition)

It’s 1963, and riots and sabotage plague the space program. The climate change caused by the Meteor is becoming more and more clear, but tensions are rising, and the IAC’s goal of getting humanity off Earth is threatened.

The Tales of Catt & Fisher (After the War) edited by Justina Robson

From encounters with the monstrous Vathesk to exploring new worlds; from wielding great power to do great good, to unearthing dark things best left lost. If you need the experts, if you can find your way to their Cherivell shop, maybe you can hire Doctors Catt and Fisher.

Sexton Blake’s Allies (The Sexton Blake Library 3) introduced by Mark Hodder

Every hero has allies; men and women of great ability and character, drawn into their orbit by circumstance and adventure. This was never truer than for Sexton Blake, Britain’s greatest detective

From the splendour of the Orient Express to the quite countryside of the Chilterns and the vast Australian outback, Sexton’s allies battled the worst criminals of their age.

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