The world’s first post-truth gaming book: Nate Crowley’s 100 Best Video Games (that never existed) has everything a videogame fanatic could want…and even more for those who’ve never played a game in their life!

This brilliantly outrageous book goes out into the wilds of the world today. If you’ve already pre-ordered this and are now sat in the gleeful knowledge that you will soon have this magnificent book in your hands, we’ve got one thing to say to you: well done, you clever human. You know a hell of a good thing when you see it…

If this isn’t you right now…don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

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The 100 Best Video Games (that never existed)
by Nate Crowley


After rashly tweeting he would dream up an imaginary computer game for every ‘like’ received, Nate Crowley found himself on an epic quest to conjure up hundreds of entirely fictional titles. From 1980s hits like BeastEnders to modern classics like 90s Goth Soccer and BinCrab Destiny, this beautiful retrospective takes the reader on a lavish tour of the most memorable and groundbreaking games never made.

Brought to hilarious life by a team of genuine videogame industry concept artists and written by a professional over-imaginer, this book doesn’t just throw out silly ideas – it expands on them in relentless, excruciating detail.

100 Best Video Games (that never existed) is available to pre-order now!
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