Today is the day! Al Ewing’s most heroic of creations, the scouge of the Ultimate Reich, is back on the shelves in a handsome omnibus edition: The El Sombra Trilogy.

We’re not ones for hyperbole here at Abaddon (ahem), but read on for the full lowdown on this none-more-pulp collection…

The El Sombra Trilogy by Al Ewing


In the quiet Mexican town of Pasito, the future is born. A man dies; a fool and braggart, best forgotten. In his stead, a legend arises: the man in the bloodstained mask, the Saint of Ghosts. El Sombra!

Yearning for justice against the Nazis that plundered his home, El Sombra will cut a swath across the world. He will hunt his enemy to the streets of Manhattan – home of the mighty Doc Thunder, the terrible Blood Spider, and all the monsters and gods who fight beside them – and finally into the heart of the Ultimate Reich itself!

Thrill at the legend! Follow a story as vast as the whole world, from the beginning of the human race to the end of the time!

He defies man! He defies death! Nothing can stop him!


If that hasn’t sold you, then we don’t know what will. Smash the Nazis! Be a hero! Join El Sombra today!

The El Sombra Trilogy is out now!
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