What a perfect start to a four day week, book friends! Tangle’s Game, the unmissable tech-thriller from the incredibly talented Stewart Hotston is OUT TODAY! 

Tangle’s Game, set in the near future, follows Amanda Back as she is forced to go on the run in a society where your social credit score determines every little thing about your life. Bold, gripping, and timely, Hoston’s style, humour, and serious awareness of today’s political climate makes this one fantastic read– and a chilling look at a world that is eerily close to becoming! 

Read on for more about the book and click the links below to grab your copy today! 

by Stewart Hotston

Nowhere to Run. Nowhere to Hide. 

Yesterday, Amanda Back’s life was flawless: the perfect social credit score, the perfect job, the perfect home. 

Today, Amanda is a target, an enemy of the system holding information dangerous enough to disrupt the world’s all-consuming tech–a fugitive on the run. 

But in a world where an un-hackable blockchain links everyone and everything, there is nowhere to run… 

Tangle’s Game is available to order now!
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