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OUT NOW: Spec Ops Z by Gavin G. Smith (UK Reissue)!

We’re very excited to be wishing our handsome new reissue of Spec Ops Z by Gavin G. Smith a very happy book birthday! The reissue is a fantastic opportunity for readers to discover, or re-discover, this high-octane world and get to know its Spetznaz squad!

When Vadim Scorlenski and his elite Spetznaz squad are sent to New York at the height of the Cold War, they’re told it’s a ‘training exercise.’ They discover, too late, that the ‘practice’ chemical weapon they’re carrying is all too real. They go to their deaths…

…and awaken to a city overwhelmed by the walking dead, even now spreading across the globe. Somehow holding onto their identities amid the mindless monsters, Scorlenski and his squad of zombie commandos set out to return to Russia.

Someone’s going to pay.

A handsome new re-issue of a high-octane military-SF, as Russian Spetsnaz commandos are turned into zombies in ’80s New York.

“High octane SF adventure with Smith’s trademark twist” — Jamie Sawyer on The Bastard Legion

“An exceptional talent” – Peter F Hamilton

“Pure, unapologetic, full-throttle, action packed awesomeness… Obviously, the author had too much fun.” — The Bookbeard on Spec Ops Z

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The Rebellion Advent Calendar: Day Eight

Eight days of December have passed. On a snow-swept plain outside of Santa’s gated manse, Claus the Mighty, leather whip in his hand, stares down Rudolf.

‘End this madness, old friend,’ says the Father of all Christmas. ‘Let the strikes cease and let us celebrate Yuletide together. Ho, ho, ho.’

Rudolf is unmoved. The rest of the reindeer nervously shift about on the snow behind him, making an almighty mess in the process. 

‘No,’ says Rudolf (because, of course, he can speak). ‘We want rights, Santa, and a proper holiday allowance, and fair pay for a fair Christmas.’

‘So be it,’ says Claus. 

The whip cracks. Prancer throws himself in front of Rudolf, shielding the Reindeer leader from the whip. There are gasps, then shouts. Claus retreats with a handful of loyal elves. A single tear rolls down Rudolf’s face. 

‘What have you done, Santa…’


Well that was all rather dramatic wasn’t it? If you fancy reading a story that doesn’t involve a gradually escalating industrial dispute in the North Pole, then perhaps we can interest you in our massive Tomes Of The Dead Advent Sale Spectacular!

Titles fom the likes of Al Ewing, Rebecca Levene, Weston Ochse, Nate Crowley and loads more are now only 99p/99c, for a VERY limited time only! 

So get your Kindle ready and get a-clicking…

  • The Lazarus Conundrum UK|US 
  • The Sea Hates A Coward UK|US 
  • The Devil’s Plague UK|US
  • I, Zombie UK|US
  • Anno Mortis UK|US
  • Death Hulk UK|US
  • Empire Of Salt UK|US
  • The Words Of Their Roaring UK|US
  • Dead Stop UK|US
  • Stronghold UK|US
  • Way Of The Barefoot Zombie UK|US
  • The Viking Dead UK|US

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Happy publication day The Sea Hates A Coward!

Brace yourselves, maties, for today is the day that The Sea Hates A Coward, Nate Crowley’s unholy voyage into the realms of the undead, is unleashed upon an unsuspected public (that’s you, FYI).

We discovered Nate via the saga of Daniel Barker’s birthday (Now collected as “The Death and Life of Schneider Wrack”!