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Weston Ochse fans! Did you know you could get the entire Task Force Ombra trilogy as a boxset? This is the sort of series that will have you asking, ‘how does he sleep at night?!’ and will have you on the edge of your seat! And it’s on offer! 

Grab the entire trilogy for only £1.99! 

The Task Force Ombra Trilogy is on offer now!
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About the Author: 

Weston Ochse is an American author and educator. He has won the Bram Stoker Award for Best Fist Novel and been nominated for the Pushcart Prize for his short fiction. He is a former intelligence officer and special operations soldier.

“A wised-up, clued-in, completely trustworthy writer of high-action fiction.”
Peter Straub

“Ochse writes with assurance and confidence, and that shines through in this superb military SF novel. Brutal, bloody, and brilliant.”
Tim Lebbon

“One of the major horror authors of the 21st century”
American Library Association

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Weston Ochse, the new titan of modern military science fiction, returns with a brand new offering and it is everything we’ve been waiting for! Weston is known for his thought-provoking and action-packed Task Force Ombra series published by Solaris books. 

New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry has called Weston ‘the new voice of action science fiction’ and we couldn’t agree more. Weston’s Burning Sky fulfills on the promise first seen in the Task Force Ombra series and raises the bar for thrilling, emotive, impossible-odds-that-must-be-overcome kind of military science fiction. 

On this latest acquisition, Solaris Editor-in-Chief commented: 

“No one writes like Weston Ochse. There is a veracity to his writing that tells the reader he knows of which he writes. Coupled with a great sense of how to tell a story and a commitment to portraying the travails of combat truthfully, this makes Ochse one of the most significant writers of military genre fiction around. Burning Sky is an extraordinary new work, and may well be Weston’s best novel yet.” 

Burning Sky will be published by Solaris in Ocotber 2018. 

Burning Sky 
by Weston Ochse

Everything is dangerous in Afghanistan, nothing more so than the mission of an Operational Support Team or O.S.T. Comprised of active duty military, civilians, and contractors, all veterans, these men and women spend seasons in hell to not only try and fix what’s is broken in each of them, but also to make enough bank to change their fortunes. 

Seven months after their last mission, now safely back on American soil, they feel like they’ve left something undone…like maybe they’ve left something, or someone, behind. And the feeling is driving them mad. One by one they come together, and discover that they’ve all been having the same dream…a dream of a woman, a goat, and a sky that won’t stop burning. 

 About The Author

Weston Ochse is a former intelligence officer and special operations soldier who has engaged enemy combatants, terrorists, border crossers, narco-bad guys, and human smuggling punks. His personal war stories include performing humanitarian operations over Bangladesh, being deployed to Afghanistan, and a near miss being cannibalized in Papua New Guinea. A writer of more than 26 books in multiple genres, his military supernatural series SEAL Team 666 has been optioned to be a movie starring Dwayne Johnson. His military sci fi series, which starts with Grunt Life, has been praised for its PTSD-positive depiction of soldiers at peace and at war.

Follow Wes on Twitter, and for more information visit the official Weston Ochse website. 

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Grunt Hero is out now!

Grunts! Your time is now! Westo Ochse, that new titan of modern military science fiction, has returned to complete his Task Force Ombra trilogy with Grunt Hero, which hits shelves today.

There has rarely been a series as thoughtful yet as action packed as this. Weston’s soldiers are flawed, vulnerable fighters with infinite complexity, fighting an implacable foe that places all of humanity at risk. 

We love these books – they’re visceral, though-provoking and entertaining as all hell. So read on for the lowdown on Grunt Hero, and click through the links at the bottom of the page to grab your copy today.

Grunt Hero
by Weston Ochse


Ben Mason fought the war and lost. The Earth has been taken by an implacable alien intelligence: our cities terraformed, our people broken.

Now Mason — back in the arms of task force OMBRA — needs answers to the most desperate questions. Can nothing be done? What do the invaders want with Earth?

When all hope of survival is gone, all that’s left is to seek revenge…

Grunt Hero is out now!
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The Rebellion Advent Calendar Day Seventeen:Grunt Life on sale now!

As Christmas creeps ever closer, our deals get even better – because we’re nice like that.

Today, Weston Ochse’s superb military sci-fi masterpiece Grunt Life – the first book in the Task Force Ombra Series – is only 99p over in the Kindle Store.

Should you jump at this opportunity to own a genuine modern SF classic? Well, we certainly think so. Follow the links below to get your super-low priced eBook now!

Grunt Life is only 99p!
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