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The Rebellion Advent Calendar Day Nine: The Wolf In The Attic price drop!

It’s Friday, it’s Advent, and that deserves a special offer of truly titanic proportions.

So it’s really amazingly convenient that we’ve slashed the price of Paul Kearney’s wonderful fantasy The Wolf in the Attic to only 99p across all webstores!

That’s right, wherever you choose to buy your digital reading, you can get this offer – and we suggest you do, as this is a stunning author from one of fantasy’s most underrated talents. Get buying, you!

The Wolf In The Attic is now only 99p!
Buy: Amazon US|Amazon UK|Barnes & Noble|Google Play|iBooks|Kobo

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What have Solaris ever done for me?

Solaris – pah – those guys. What have they ever done for me?

I feel like the Judaean People’s Front, (or is it the People’s Front of Judaea?), when I talk about Solaris. What have they ever done for me…?

Apart from republish pretty much every book of mine which was out of print. And remain tight lipped and patient when I missed deadline after deadline. And just be annoyingly, horribly nice and decent and efficient despite all the crap I threw their way…

Not that I throw much crap around- that’s for chimps, and people who enjoy that kind of thing. But authors being authors, we do tend to be narcissistic assholes from time to time. (Shocking – I know). And the guys at Solaris suck it up, come out with a smile (and no doubt beat up kittens afterwards, as a form of light relief).

I have been in this game for a quarter of a century now, (cue eye-rolling, concealed yawns and heavy sighs),  and though I do hate to say it, these guys actually seem to know what they are doing – which is not something I would say about all the publishers I have been involved with, (and there have been a few).  They also tend to pick other people to publish who aren’t, surprisingly, mediocre asshats. People whom I like reading myself. It’s actually quite unsettling. 

Any decent author worth his or her salt should always be complaining about the failings of their publisher, and I’m damned if I can find one.  (I mean, seriously, have you seen the cover of my new book – it’s freaking awesome).

So I find myself, in the end, seriously miffed with Solaris. You guys have a real problem. You have taken a veteran of the Publishing trade and made him purr like a cat with a rat’s tail in its mouth. You need to up your game, piss me off, find ways to make me send you irate e-mails, and generally mess with my world.

 That’s what other publishers do, after all…

Paul Kearney’s The Wolf in the Attic is out now!

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Happy publication day The Wolf in the Attic and Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year Volume 10

It’s a bumper day for Solaris, with two massive releases released out into the wild today: Paul Kearney’s beguiling fantasy The Wolf in the Attic, and the Jonathan Strahan edited anthology The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year Volume Ten

What a day! We’re incredibly proud of both titles, and cannot flippin’ well wait for you to read them. 

Paul has been celebrating The Wolf in the Attic with blogs at the likes of Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist and SF Bulletin, where he’s talking about using historical figures in fiction, not to mention an interview over at Rising Shadow.

There have been plenty of glowing reviews, too:

Meanwhile, The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year Volume Ten has been impressing reviewers too:

The Wolf in the Attic is out now!
Buy now: UK|US|eBOOK

The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year Volume Ten is out now!
Buy now: UK|US|eBOOK

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Announcement: Paul Kearney – The Wolf in the Attic

In 1994 Riding the Unicorn by Paul Kearney published to warm critical acclaim. Ten years later, and today at Solaris Books, we concluded our 2014 re-issue of Kearney’s lost classic Different Kingdom’s trilogy with Riding the Unicorn, featuring a beautiful new cover by the incredible Pye Parr.

For us there could be no better day therefore to share with you the announcement of our next collaboration with Kearney, on his new book The Wolf in the Attic:

Publishing summer 2015 The Wolf in the Attic is a brand new novel from iconic fantasy author Paul Kearney.

In 1920’s Oxford a little girl called Anna Francis lives in a tall old house with her father and her doll Penelope. She is a refugee, a piece of flotsam washed up in England by the tides of the Great War and the chaos that trailed in its wake. Once upon a time she had a mother and a brother, and they all lived together in the most beautiful city in the world, by the shores of Homer’s wine-dark sea. Anna remembers a time when Agamemnon came to tea, and Odysseus sat her upon his knee and told her stories of Troy.

But that is all gone now, and only to her doll does she ever speak of it, because her father cannot bear to have it recalled.

She sits in the shadows of the tall house and watches the rain on the windows, and creates worlds for herself to fill out the loneliness. The house becomes her own little kingdom, an island full of dreams and half-forgotten memories.

And then one winter day, she finds an interloper in the topmost, dustiest attic of the house. A Romany boy named Luca with yellow eyes, who is as alone in the world as she is.
In this way she meets the only real friend she will ever know.

The Wolf in the Attic marks an exciting, new chapter in Kearney’s career, moving away from the epic and military fantasy for which he’s known to create an enchanting new story of a young girl, that retains the essence of Kearney’s world building and stylistic prose. The Wolf in the Attic is a poignant and touching story, with a timely exploration of our cultural sense of self; one which will have fans of Tolkien and Pullman finding a new home amongst its pages.

“Like Robert Holdstock, Ursula le Guin and Philip Pullman, Kearney pushes back the boundaries of what fantasy can actually do. Yes these stories are strange, yes they are speculative – but they are also very human, and that is what makes Kearney one of the most vital authors in genre.” – Jonathan Oliver, Solaris Editor-in-Chief

The Wolf in the Attic is out from Solaris Books summer 2015 – check back soon for more details.

Paul Kearney is the critically-acclaimed author of The Monarchies of God and the Sea Beggars series. He has been long-listed for the British Fantasy Award.