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OUT NOW: Infernal by Mark de Jager


The incredible Infernal by Mark de Jager, #1 in the The Chronicles of Stratus series, is out now in eBook, paperback, and audiobook!


In the war-torn lands of Krandin, a kingdom fighting against the Worm King of the Penullin Empire and his dark magic, a stranger wakes, knowing only that his name is Stratus.

He possesses great strength and magic, but only fractured memories of his past, and a growing certainty that he is not, in fact, human.

As he explores this new world, disoriented, making few friends and many enemies, the battle for his mind will determine the fate of the world.

“Clever, funny and cheerfully brutal” — Snorri Kristjansson

“If Jack Reacher came to Westeros and started beating the hell out of everybody, you’d have Mark De Jager’s Infernal … daring, dangerous, and full of surprises” — Sebastien de Castell

“De Jager takes his time with the mystery of Stratus’s identity, punctuating the internal conflict with adrenaline-fueled action sequences that notch up the tension and suspense. This promising series launch brings the goods.” — Publishers Weekly

“Epic fantasy without any pretensions of changing literature or establishing itself in the canon, Infernal is only concerned with being entertaining. And it definitely succeeds.” — SciFiNow

Infernal is magical, fast-paced and imaginative” — Culturefly

Infernal proves to be an incredibly strong start for this series. With drama, mystery, bloodshed, and grim humour abound, fans who favour the likes of The Elric Saga or The Silerian Trilogy will definitely have some fun with this one” — Starburst

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Cover reveal: Firesky by Mark de Jager

Firesky cover reveal

We are thrilled to share the cover for Firesky by Mark de Jager, the second and conclusive installment to The Chronicles of Stratus.

The sequel to Infernal (new edition out from Solaris in November), Firesky is a dark, heroic fantasy with a unique central character, plenty of action, and a deadly sense of humour.

Cover by Head Design

Relentless. Unstoppable. Dragon.

Desire burns in Stratus’ soul, powerful like an inferno. With his memory returning, he finally knows who—and what—he is. His is a dragon, brought low by the hand of a dark magician known as the Worm King, separated from his true love, tortured for centuries and now trapped inside the body of a human.

But with the memories of his old life comes a return of his true magic, and with it, his true form is slowly returning.

Firesky will be out in eBook, paperback, and audiobook 11 May 2021.

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