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OUT NOW: The Storm’s Betrayal by Corry L. Lee

We’re completely thrilled to say that The Storm’s Betrayal by Corry L. Lee is out now!

The intense, dramatic sequel to 2020’s break-out Russian-inspired epic Weave the Lightning, it’s the brilliant second instalment in The Bourshkanya Trilogy!

Lies. Magic. Treason.

The great Stormhawk Bourshkany’s paranoid, fascist leader is seemingly unkillable, but for the rebellion to succeed, he must die.

Celka Prochazka uses magic in ways no one believed possible. She could be the perfect resistance assassin if she can avoid being discovered as a traitor.

Gerrit Kladivo, the Stormhawk’s son, is determined to end his father s tyrannical rule. But to get Celka close enough to his father, he must first prove unflinching loyalty to the regime.

Filip Cizek swore his life to protect Gerrit and the regime. But with Gerrit’s actions twisting him into a stranger, Filip must decide how deep his loyalty runs.

Together, they will attempt the impossible but the cost may be everything they hold dear.

“A sweeping epic of romance, revolution, elegant strangeness, and elemental magic.” — Jason Heller

“Tense, timely, and crackling with urgent energy. I guarantee that by the end of the book, you will be looking for your own resistance to join… or to start.” — Premee Mohamed

“…focused and honed as a lightning strike, beautifully balanced and directed. This is a cutting story of revolution, rebellion, romance, and the sort of strange sorcery that we don’t see very often…” — Seanan McGuire

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Coming in 2021, The Storm’s Betrayal by Corry L. Lee

The Storm's Betrayal

Solaris are delighted to announce The Storm’s Betrayal – the intense, dramatic sequel to 2020’s break-out Russian-inspired epic Weave the Lightning.

The Storm’s Betrayal will be available in eBook and paperback April 2021.

Lies. Treason. Magic.

Exposed and captured, in the clutches of the Stormhawk, Gerrit, Celka and Filip are in more danger than ever.

Back by his father’s side, Gerrit must play the dutiful son, locking his feelings behind walls of magic – and risking his sanity.

Filip is now questioning his own loyalty, given what he’s learned.

And Celka must regain control of her powers and convince the State she can be trusted, as she sets her sights on the highest target of all…

Cover design by Sam Gretton

Corry L. Lee on the upcoming sequel:

“I’m so excited to share The Storm’s Betrayal. Writing it, I loved digging deeper into the characters and expanding the world from Weave the Lightning.  This is a book of moral complexity, hard choices, and deep friendships.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.”

Editor David Thomas Moore on next instalment of Bourshkanya series:

“What got me about these books more than anything was the magic: Bourshkanya is a strange, utterly original world where magic is powerful, subtle and incredibly dangerous, in ways I’ve not seen before. The fierce spirit of revolution, the slowly growing sense of the scope of the Stormhawk’s crimes, and the tangled, messy passions of our heroes, only add to a potent mix. You oughtn’t have missed the first book, and you certainly don’t want to miss this one.”

Get a copy of Weave the Lightning (#1 The Bourshkanya Trilogy) today.

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