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OUT NOW: The House of Styx by Derek Künsken!

Derek Künsken’s completely brilliant first novel in the Venus Ascendant series, The House of Styx, is out now in beautiful, shining hardback!

Discover the beginnings of the Quantum Evolution with The House of Styx , the start of a groundbreaking new series set 250 years before The Quantum Magician .

Life can exist anywhere. And anywhere there is life, there is home. In the swirling clouds of Venus, the families of la colonie live on floating plant-like trawlers, salvaging what they can in the fierce acid rain and crackling storms. Outside is dangerous, but humankind’s hold on the planet is fragile and they spend most of their days simply surviving.

But Venus carries its own secrets, too. In the depths, there is a wind that shouldn’t exist. And the House of Styx wants to harness it.

“Künsken has, to my mind, already established a place as one of the best pure hard science writers of the current generation, and this book is further evidence of that. — Rich Horton, Locus

Künsken’s vivid worldbuilding is a knockout…This is a must-read. — Publishers Weekly, starred review

“This electrifying planetary adventure features a hardscrabble family that earnestly addresses issues of addiction, gender, sexuality, and disability while surviving storms of all sorts in the hostile clouds of Venus. Highly recommended.” — The Library Journal, starred review

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OUT NOW: The Recollection by Gareth L. Powell

We’re completely delighted to with an incredibly happy book birthday to our Tenth Anniversary Edition of Gareth L. Powell’s The Recollection!

Looking gorgeous with a striking new cover, this edition celebrates a fan-favourite novel from multi award-winning sci-fi author Gareth L. Powell.

“It is an evil born of war. It is the end of all things.”

Four hundred years ago, Ed and Alice Rico threw themselves through a mysterious portal on the London Underground, hunting for Ed’s lost brother—Alice’s husband—Verne.

Now, starship captain Katherine Abdulov embarks on a desperate race against ruthless rival captain—and her former lover—Victor Luciano, to try and earn back her family’s trust.

Tomorrow, all their lives will be thrown together by disaster, as an ancient evil stirs among the stars, threatening the survival of all life…

“If you read only one space opera this year, it’s got to be The Recollection.” –“The Guardian”

“Stunning, fresh and exciting, great adventure, elegantly strung together.” –“”

Gareth L. Powell joins the ranks of Reynolds, Banks, Hamilton and others at the forefront of science fiction.” –“SF Book Reviews”

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OUT NOW: Spec Ops Z by Gavin G. Smith (UK Reissue)!

We’re very excited to be wishing our handsome new reissue of Spec Ops Z by Gavin G. Smith a very happy book birthday! The reissue is a fantastic opportunity for readers to discover, or re-discover, this high-octane world and get to know its Spetznaz squad!

When Vadim Scorlenski and his elite Spetznaz squad are sent to New York at the height of the Cold War, they’re told it’s a ‘training exercise.’ They discover, too late, that the ‘practice’ chemical weapon they’re carrying is all too real. They go to their deaths…

…and awaken to a city overwhelmed by the walking dead, even now spreading across the globe. Somehow holding onto their identities amid the mindless monsters, Scorlenski and his squad of zombie commandos set out to return to Russia.

Someone’s going to pay.

A handsome new re-issue of a high-octane military-SF, as Russian Spetsnaz commandos are turned into zombies in ’80s New York.

“High octane SF adventure with Smith’s trademark twist” — Jamie Sawyer on The Bastard Legion

“An exceptional talent” – Peter F Hamilton

“Pure, unapologetic, full-throttle, action packed awesomeness… Obviously, the author had too much fun.” — The Bookbeard on Spec Ops Z

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Solaris signs Yoon Ha Lee’s The Machineries Of Empire trilogy

We’re extremely excited to unveil a brand new acquisition for Solaris today, in the form of Yoon Ha Lee’s The Machineries Of Empire trilogy.

You may have read the news on The Bookseller this morning, and frankly we’ve been chomping at the bit to tell you ever since the deal was done.

Ninefox Gambit, the bravura opening instalment of the trilogy – and, amazingly, Yoon’s debut novel –  follows Kel Cheris, a disgraced captain of the Hexarchate, who is given the opportunity to redeem herself by recapturing the formidable Fortress of Scattered Needles.

A tale of massacres, madness and mathematics in deep space, this is hard SF quite unlike any other, a truly unique piece of boundary-pushing storytelling and a bold step forward for 21st century SF.

Legendary science fiction illustrator Chris Moore, who has created covers for works by the likes of Alastair Reynolds and Philip K Dick, will be providing the cover art for Ninefox Gambit.

Solaris Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Oliver commented on the signing:

“Yoon Ha Lee has been a writer whose work I’ve been keeping a close eye on for a while now. His prose is razor sharp and his ideas are fresh and challenging. Ninefox Gambit is an astonishingly assured debut and one of the richest science fiction novels I have read in a good long while. This is a space opera with scope and depth, and also diversity. Yoon shows that science fiction is alive and well and really going places.”

Yoon Ha Lee said:

“I’m thrilled that Solaris Books has picked up my trilogy and working with them has been terrific. Expect weaponized math, big space battles, and a captain whose 400-year-old undead advisor is her best ally and her most dangerous enemy, in a nation constantly at war with heretics whose calendars change the laws of technology.”
As you might imagine, we’re incredibly excited to be working with Yoon, and can’t wait for you to read Ninefox Gambit, which we’ll be publishing in June 2016.

Watch this space for more on Yoon and The Machineries Of Empire!