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Cover reveal and exclusive excerpt: Anna by Sammy H.K. Smith

Anna cover reveal

One of our most anticipated titles for summer 2021, Anna is a powerful and chilling feminist novel set in a near-future dystopia. Exploring the conflicts between selfhood and expectations, safety and control, and the sacrifices we make for the sake of protection, Anna is perfect for fans of The Handmaid’s Tale and The Road.

We are delighted to reveal the stunning cover below.

Cover by Head Design

And as a special treat, we’re sharing an exclusive excerpt from the opening chapter of the book:

It was natural now to wake, listen, check, and listen again, before moving on in silence through the wastelands. When it was light enough to see my breath in the air, I moved from the shadows of the ditch towards the larger, more isolated southern woods. It had been nine hundred and twenty days—or was it twenty-one?—since I made the decision to leave town and wander alone.

Leaning against the trunk of an oak tree, I searched my backpack for something, anything, to eat. Three unlabelled cans, a bag of rice, and two portions of Cheerios. My can opener had broken two nights earlier and there was no clean water for miles. Dry, chewy out-of-date cereal it was. Yummy.

I ate straight from the bag as I continued to move between the trees, carefully avoiding the main track. Resting for periods longer than absolutely necessary was an extravagance that led to trouble in the Unlands; I preferred to not be seen or heard.

So did he.

I didn’t see him until it was too late. He grabbed my jacket and pulled me onto my back, pinning me in one fluid movement. I dropped my breakfast and pack, balling my hands into fists. The cereal lodged in my throat. Spluttering and coughing, my blows faltered as I struggled to breathe. A pitiful wail escaped my mouth; he clapped his hand over it.

Anna by Sammy H.K. Smith will be out in hardback, eBook, and audiobook 25th May 2021.

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Solaris is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Anna by Sammy H.K Smith

Solaris is delighted to announce the acquisition of contemporary dystopian novel, Anna, by Sammy H.K Smith which will be released in summer 2021.

Editor Kate Coe acquired World English rights in Smith’s new novel from the author.

About the book:

Strength comes in many forms, and Anna tells the story of one woman who becomes someone else in order to free herself. Anna is a possession. Meek. Willing. Subservient. Raped. Branded. Strong. 

In a post-apocalyptic society she is owned by the man named Will, shielded from the world of struggles and possessions by his care. He loves her, protects her, and then breaks her. Anna is obedient, dutiful, and compliant. Anna does not know her place in the world. When she falls pregnant, Anna leaves her name behind, and finds the strength to run. But the past is after her.

Author Sammy H.K Smith

“I am utterly delighted that Anna has found a home with Rebellion, and can’t wait to work with the team and bring the story to readers. Anna is about one woman’s fight for survival in a damaged, socially regressed and dysfunctional society only a few steps from our own where ‘might is right’ and identity lost. Anna explores issues of subjugation and abuse, but also hope and strength.”

Editor Kate Coe had this to say:

Anna is a wonderful, unsettling, dystopian fiction that’s terrifyingly close to our own lives – or our own experiences. It completely gripped me from the first page, and I’m thrilled to have acquired it for Solaris.”

Sammy H.K Smith lives and works in Oxfordshire UK as a police detective. When not working she spends time with her children, husband and pets, renovates her house, and inadvertently kills plants. A keen writer and lover of all things science fiction and fantasy, she’s often found balancing a book, a laptop, a child, and a cat whilst watching Netflix.

For review copies, information, or interviews for Anna please contact Hanna Waigh, Fiction – PR & Marketing Manager: