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The Pantheon Series tops 200,000 sales

Praise the gods! James Lovegrove’s Pantheon Series, which includes fan favourite titles such as The Age of Ra and The Age of Zeus, has topped 200,000 sales worldwide!

We know, pretty amazing right? James’s all-action tales of god-bothering derring-do are exactly the sort of books we love to publish: fast, furiously inventive and flat out fun to read.

James had this to say about his incredible achievement:

“When I started writing my Pantheon series back in 2008, I had no idea it was going to be a success.  Or even a series.  I just had an idea for a novel and the idea tickled me: the Ancient Egyptian gods dividing the world up between them and fighting proxy battles using us mortals as chess pieces/cannon fodder. 

That book was The Age of Ra, and the reviews were good, and word of mouth brought sales, and Solaris asked me for a sequel.  But I couldn’t see a way of carrying the story on in any meaningful way, so I counter-proposed. How about a novel about a different set of ancient gods?

Solaris said yeah.  Thus was The Age of Zeus born.  And so it went on.  I’ve now written seven novels and three novellas, all fitting in under the umbrella title of the Pantheon series (the latest being the just-about-to-hit-a-bookshop-near-you Age of Heroes).  Each is standalone but deals with the same core theme: our relationship with our deities. 

I never foresaw that the books would become so popular.  I just wanted to tell good stories about gods, using each established mythology as a playground to mess around in.  I’m deeply gratified – and grateful – that readers have taken them to their hearts in the way they have, and I look forward to dreaming up further new guises for old gods in the years to come.

I should also add that I’m hugely indebted to the fine folk at Solaris — the present curators Jon, Ben, David and Rob, as well as those who went before — for taking a punt on these books in the first place and then shepherding them through their various incarnations and metamorphoses for lo, these many years gone.”

Hearty congratulations to James, and here’s to many more years of godly goodness!

The Pantheon Series is out now!
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Pre-Order Pantheon Series Special Editions now!

The gods can be a fickle bunch, which is why we’ve decided to appease them with Special Editions of a pair of books from James Lovegrove’s smash hit Panthoeon series: Age of Ra and Age of Odin.

With spangly, nay, shiny cover updates, not to mention brand new introductions from the author, these Special Editions really are a work of art.

You can preorder both Age of Ra and Age of Odin over at Amazon right now, and frankly you’d better hop to it. There’s nothing worse than angering ages-old deities…

Age of Ra
Age of Odin

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The Age of Shiva by James Lovegrove

Age of Shiva

by James Lovegrove

The next age dawns on
26th March (US & Canada)
and 10th April (UK)

£7.99 (UK) ISBN 978-1-78108-180-8

$8.99/$10.99 (US & CAN) ISBN 978-1-78108-181-5

“The kind of complex, action-oriented SF Dan Brown would write if Dan Brown could write” – The Guardian

It’s sold more than 150,000 copies worldwide since 2009 and spawned its own genre of ‘Godpunk’; now the second arc of the best-selling Pantheon series draws to a close with James Lovegrove’s Age of Shiva!

The latest stand-alone title in this action-packed military SF series brings you a world where the multitude of Hindu gods hold sway and a simple comic book artist finds himself trapped in the middle!

Zachary Bramwell, better known as the comics artist Zak Zap, is pushing forty and wondering why his life isn’t as exciting as the lives of the superheroes he draws. Then he’s shanghaied by black-suited goons and flown to Mount Meru, a vast complex built atop an island in the Maldives. There, Zak meets a trio of billionaire businessmen who put him to work designing costumesfor a team of godlike super-powered beings based on the ten avatars of Vishnu from Hindu mythology.

The Ten Avatars battle demons and aliens and seem to be the saviours of a world teetering on collapse. But their presence is itself a harbinger of apocalypse. The Vedic “fourth age” of civilisation, Kali Yuga, is coming to an end, and Zak has a ringside seat for the final, all-out war that threatens the destruction of Earth.

Also in the Pantheon series

A thematic series of related, but stand-alone novels, the Pantheon series addresses the theme of “men versus the gods” in different worlds, with different pantheons, offering different takes. All high-action military SF books, the series has presented an armed uprising against distant but powerful Egyptian divinities, a high-powered slugfest between battle-suited humans and super-heroic Greek gods, and a gritty, intimate firefight between an infantry company and an army of ancient Norse giants.

About the author
James Lovegrove published his first novel at the age of 24 and has since had more than 4

0 books out, including The Hope, Escardy Gap (co-written with Peter Crowther), Days, The Foreigners, How The Other Half Lives, Untied Kingdom, Imagined Slights, Worldstorm, Gig and Provender Gleed. His short fiction has appeared in magazines as diverse as Interzone and Nature and in numerous anthologies. He has written extensively for reluctant readers, with titles such as Wings, TheHouse of Lazarus, Ant God, Cold Keep, Kill Swap and Dead Brigade. He has also produced a sequence of teen fantasy novels, the Clouded World series, under the pseudonym Jay Amory. He is a regular reviewer of fiction for the Financial Times and lives in Eastbourne on the south coast of England with his wife Lou, sons Monty and Theo, and cat Ozzy.