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OUT NOW: Judge Dredd: Year Three Omnibus!

We’re excited to be wishing a very happy publication day to Judge Dredd: Year Three! The latest Judge Dredd omnibus, following on from Judge Dredd: Year One and Judge Dredd: Year Two, this book collects prose novellas by Michael Carroll, Matthew Smith and Laurel Sills. In this collection, follow Judge Dredd as he becomes embroiled in the growing anti-robot movement, heads back out to the Cursed Earth, and falls afoul of the secretive SJS…

The third omnibus collecting three great brand-new novellas about the early years of iconic comics character Judge Dredd’s career.

Mega-City One, 2082. In two short years, Judge Joseph Dredd has tackled hardened killers and would-be revolutionaries, he’s taken beat-downs and bounced back, he’s even arrested his own brother.

Ain’t no such thing as a “normal year” in the Big Meg. In his third year on the sked, he’ll become embroiled in the growing anti-robot movement; he’ll head back out to the Cursed Earth; and he’ll fall afoul of the secretive SJS – and not for the last time…

“Exactly what you’d want: smart, fast-moving sci-fi that’s filled with pulpy thrill power.” — Wait, What? Podcast

“An exhilarating ride!” — Dark Musings on Year One
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Dredd-fans, today is the day: Judge Dredd: Year Two Omnibus — with brand new stories from Michael Carroll, Matt Smith, and Cavan Scott — is out NOW! 

What tale is the Dredd-verse offerring up this time, you ask? Well, Judge Joe Dredd’s been on the beat for a year. He’s made tough calls, tackled hardbitten perps, and seen the consequences of his choices come back to bite him. 

But he’s not done learning yet. Dredd’s second year on the sked will see him back out in the Cursed Earth, where right and wrong are questions that go beyond the easy answers of the Law; he’ll tackle an apparent serial killer — or more than one? — targeting journalists; and he’ll take his first real neat down, leaving him bent and broken with only his badge and his conviction to protect him… 

Including stories by Michael Carroll, Matt Smith and Cavan Scott, Judge Dredd: Year Two puts the city’s greatest lawman to the test!

Judge Dredd: Year Two Omnibus is out now!
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Happy publication day Down and Out!

We’re heading back to Mega-City One today with Matthew Smith for another fiction adventure starring 2000 AD’s living legend in Judge Dredd Year Two: Down and Out.

Back in the dim and distant early years of Dredd’s career, things weren’t plain sailing. In Down and Out, we’re transported back to those early days to find out what went down, before the Mega-City was Dredd’s town.

So it’s essential reading for 2000 AD fans, basically. Read on for more, and follow the links at the bottom to grab your copy…


Mega-City One, 2081, Joe Dredd’s second year on the streets as a full-eagle Judge. He’s got the experience, he’s done the sked-time, but no Judge is infallible – all it takes is one bad day, and all those years of training can disappear in the simple pulling of a trigger. 

A routine arrest, an ambush, an explosion. The perp’s down, but Dredd is bleeding and burned, his Lawmaster is destroyed, and he’s in a bad part of town with no backup. For the first time in his career, he’s truly alone…

Down and Out is out now!
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Happy publication day The Righteous Man!

Dredd fantatics, today is your day: Judge Dredd Year Two: The Righteous Man – Michael Carroll’s brand new tale of law and (dis)order in Mega City One – is out now!

What’s it about, you cry? Well, Judge Joe Dredd has arrested his clone-brother Rico. As the Judges cart Rico away for questioning, Joe comes under scrutiny. They’re cut from the same cloth; can Joe Dredd be trusted? An investigation begins, and Dredd is shipped off to an iridium-mining town in the Cursed Earth, which has come under pressure from mutant raiders.

But everything is not as it seems. When the reason for the raids becomes clear, Dredd will have some tough decisions to make…

Judge Dredd Year Two: The Righteous Man is out now!
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