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The Rebellion Advent Calendar Day Seventeen: Haterz on sale now!

Christmas jingles making you feel murderous? We may have just the book for you…

In James Goss’ Haterz, the protagonist does what many of us have dreamed of doing on our darkest days: carving a bloody swathe through half the population of the internet. 

This particular slice of midnight-black comedy is now on offer in the Kindle store for only 99p. We suggest you go and grab it now – or there will be consequences…

Haterz is only 99p!
Buy: UK|US

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The Rebellion Advent Calendar: Day Fifteen

Fifteen days into Advent, and only ten days to Christmas. In the North Pole, elf and reindeer alike wishes for an end to the Santa War, but none is in sight. 

Santa has retreated into himself, a shell of the mighty red overlord he once was. In the west, Rudolfite troops wielding rolls of wrapping paper with star-shaped Christmas Tree toppers on the end push back loyalist elves. The mince pie mines are unproductive. Turkey supplies are dangerously low. 

A lone loyalist, exhausted from trekking across no elf’s land, somehow reaches Rudolf’s command bunker. He is accosted by Red Nose’s guards, treated roughly.

‘Leave him,’ says the benevolent ruby-nosed leader. He turns to the intruder. ‘Why have you come, little elf?

‘It’s Santa,’ says the elf, struggling for breath. ‘He’s… I think he might be dying.’


Wow. Dark days in the North Pole, dark days indeed – but not as dark as the goings on that James Godd conjures up in Haterz. A tale of social media savagery unlike any other, if you’ve ever felt like you hate the internet and everybody on it (as we all have from time to time), then this is the book for you.

And it’s now only 99p/99c! Imagine that! Head over to Amazon and grab the eBook of Haterz for less than the price of… well, anything really. Go, before we change our minds!

Haterz is now only 99p/99c!
Buy now: UK|US

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Haterz launch – Forbidden Planet March 2015

Last night the great and the good, and the not so good (well it IS a book about a man who kills awful people on the internet) gathered in the basement of the Forbidden Planet mothership to celebrate the publication of the hilarious, gripping, terrifying and UTTERLY BRILLIANT Haterz by James Goss.

There were cats (ok a cat), there was laugher and what one onlooker described as “The Archers meets amateur dramatics” as James Goss and 5 hapless victims took to the stage to perform an extract from the book. But mostly there were books. Oh so many lovely books. And so many lovely people that we unfortunately sold out (but don’t worry James will be popping back to sign the new stock when it arrives!)

Here’s is just a small snapshot of the night’s merriment (plus video footage of what we’re sure must be the largest group reading ever performed during a FP signing).

My cat is sad because she is cynically being used to sell books.

Mrs Bradley aka “the cat” appraises her chapter.


Disclaimer: Solaris Books does not endorse this life message.

James Goss, the cat and the product placement arm.

One day in the future this picture will raise more questions than it answers to internet historians.

The reading!

HATERZ is out now: UK | US | DRM-free eBook