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The Rebellion Advent Calendar: Day Thirteen

‘Tis the thirteenth of the month, and as Christmas draws ever nearer, the Santa Wars grow increasingly fierce.

Rudolf, desperate for support in his manoeuvres against Claus the All-Seeing, has sent an envoy to the Easter Bunny. The terms that come back are not favourable. There will be no cross-holiday collaboration.

In the Claus compound, Mrs Claus takes to hiding the sherry. In victory, Claus has become ever more belligerent. In the yard, Sergeant Merrymittens breaks in fresh troops, readying them for Santa’s Big Push.

‘Tomorrow,’ slurs Claus to nobody in particular, shovelling a handful of roasted sprouts down his gullet. ‘Tomorrow we end this.’


Ok, so things are spiralling out of control up at the North Pole, but let’s get one thing clear: it’s Advent, and we’re celebrating every. Single. Day. 

And today, it’s Guy Haley day! Hooray! His two Solaris eBooks, Crash and Champion Of Mars, are now only 99p. If you like your SF brainy and bursting with action, you’d be a fool to miss out. A fool!

Crash is now only 99p!
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Champion Of Mars is now only 99p!
Buy now: UK|US

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Champion Of Mars only 99p!

Guy Haley’s Champion Of Mars is the best book you will ever read about Mars.

Yeah, you read that right. You can keep your Hollywood-endorsed, mega-selling Red Planet survival guides – we’ve got an epic, elegant story that spans the history of humanity and Mars and will hit you where it hurts (head, heart, etc).

We’ve given Champion Of Mars a rather natty new eBook cover, and in celebration of all things Martian (ha! See what we did there?) we’re dropping the price to 99p/99c.


You’ve probably got more than that in your pocket in change right now. Go and grab yourself a copy, and be happy that you have discovered greatest planetary romance of the modern age.

Champion Of Mars is out now!
Buy eBook: UK|US
Buy physical: UK|US