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The Blood Curse is out in the UK today!

Rejoice, people of the British Isles! Emily Gee’s The Blood Curse, the fantastic final instalment in her fan-favourite Cursed Kingdoms trilogy, lands on shelves in the UK today.

The long-awaited conclusion will blow the socks off Emily Gee fans. And if you’re not a fan, well, you should be! In fact, maybe you should pick up all three books and be converted – go on, be a devil. You deserve it.

The Blood Curse is out now!
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25% off all epic fantasy!

Are you sick of all your favourite epic fantasies being turned into TV shows? Tired of seeing your favourite characters given the chop at the slightest provocation? Has the time come to find yourself a new fantasy series?

Well we’re here for you, fantasy fans. For this week only, we’ve knocked 25% off the price of all our epic fantasy titles, including works from the likes of Emily Gee, Paul Kearney, Juliet E McKenna and Rowena Corey Daniells.

And while we can’t promise you that there won’t be death, magic, destruction and chaos, we can promise that people won’t be posting spoilers all over social media before you can get to the good bits.

Head over to our eBook store and browse the incredible array of talent on show, and discover a whole new world. We’ve got over fifty titles on sale from some of the very best writers in the genre.

After all, there’s more to fantasy than seven kingdoms…