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Cover reveal: Dangerous Games

Exclusive cover reveal: Dangerous Games

Roll the bones this December with the latest anthology from multi-award winning editor Jonathan Oliver (The End of the Line, House of Fear, Magic, End of the Road).

Introducing: Dangerous Games

In a world ruled by chance, one rash decision could bring down the house, one roll of the dice could bring untold wealth, or the end of everything.

The players have gathered around the table, each to tell their story – often dark, always compelling. Within you will find tales of the players and the played, lives governed by games deadly, weird, or downright bizarre.

Bringing together tales of the weird and the macabre, Dangerous Games is a diverse collection of voices, featuring incredible new fiction by Chuck Wendig, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Lavie Tidhar, Benjanun Sriduangkaew, Paul Kearney, Libby McGugan, Yoon Ha Lee, Gary Northfield, Melanie Tem, Hillary Monahan, Tade Thompson, Rebecca Levene, Ivo Stourton, Gary McMahon, Robert Shearman, Nik Vincent, Helen Marshall, and Pat Cadigan.

Dangerous Games is out December 2014.
Order it today: UKUS

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Ack-Ack Macaque: The last stand commences January 2015

Ladies, gentlemen and primates gather round for we have the most joyous of joyful news: Ack Ack Macaque is back!

Coming to a bookshelf near you January 2015:

Macaque Attack
Ack-Ack’s back – and this time he’s brought an army!

He’s saved the world twice. Now, in the thrilling conclusion to the award-winning Macaque Trilogy, the dangerous but charismatic Ack-Ack Macaque finds himself leading a dimension-hopping troupe of angry monkeys, facing an invading horde of implacable killer androids, and confronting the one challenge for which he was never prepared: impending fatherhood!

Meanwhile, former journalist Victoria Valois finds herself facing old enemies as she fights to save the electronic ghost of her dead husband, and Merovech, King of the United Kingdoms of Great Britain and France, receives a troubling message from the dead sands of Mars…

“Ack-Ack is an inspired creation, a monkey with attitude, issues and a hole where his heart should be, and his latest deftly plotted adventure is riotous fun.” – The Guardian

“Ridiculously readable, thoroughly entertaining, and packed full of ideas.” – SFFWorld

“if you like William Gibson or Philip K. Dick, then Ack-Ack Macaque is a sometimes surreal, yet very worthy read.” – Fantasy Faction

“More fun than a barrel of steampunk monkeys … It’s an over-the-top, verbally caffeinated adventure story with smart, nasty ideas and plenty of pulp.” – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Macaque Attack is the concluding title in the Ack Ack trilogy.

Available January 2015
Pre-order now: UKUS

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Exclusive cover reveal: Gods & Monsters: Mythbreaker by Stephen Blackmoore

Gods & Monsters: Mythbreaker

By Stephen Blackmoore

As a child Louie had conversations with “invisible friends” and could see patterns in the world no one else could see.

In other times he would have been a prophet – someone to make people believe in the gods.

But he grew out of the visions and into a life in the underworld as a drug runner.

Now thirty-five and burnt out, he’s had enough. With access to the mob’s money he plans to go out in a big way. Only he can’t. A broken down car, a missed flight; it’s bad enough being hunted by the mob, but now the gods – kicked out of the Heavens – need someone to tell their stories, and they aren’t letting go.

Caught between two warring factions of gods and the mob Louie hatches a plan to get out, if it doesn’t get him killed first.

Gods & Monsters: Myth Breaker by Stephen Blackmoore
Out December 2014

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Solaris lead award nominations plus an exclusive Joey Hi-Fi cover reveal

Following the announcement of this year’s British Fantasy Awards nominations over the weekend Solaris Books are delighted to reveal that we are jointly topping the list with Jo Fletcher Books.

Solaris authors have been nominated across the following three categories:

Best Fantasy Novel (the Robert Holdstock Award)
Blood and Feathers: Rebellion, Lou Morgan (Solaris)

Best Anthology
End of the Road, Jonathan Oliver (ed.) (Solaris)

Best Newcomer (the Sydney J. Bounds Award)
Libby McGugan, for The Eidolon (Solaris)

The award winners will be announced at FantasyCon 2014, which takes place in York from September 5 – 7th.

Solaris would also like to congratulate Joey Hi-Fi on his nomination for Best Artist. Joey recently won the BSFA award for best cover artwork for Dream London and, in honour of this further recognition, we are delighted to exclusively reveal that the cover for sequel Dream Paris by Tony Ballantyne will once again feature exquisite cover art from Joey Hi-Fi:

You can check out the full list of nominees over on the British Fantasy Society’s webpage now.

A huge congratulations from everyone at Solaris to this year’s nominees – we look forward to raising a toast to the winners in September.

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Now out in ebook and on Amazon (or available as a paperback and ebook in North America), The Secret Zombie History of the World is a collection of three nerve-rending novels about famous zombie outbreaks of the past thousand years.

… or they would be famous, if they hadn’t been suppressed by the authorities. Luckily, thanks to publishing these important stories as ‘novels’ rather than exposés, we’ve been able to get the truth out – that mankind has come closer than we realise to succumbing to the zombie apocalypse.

Toby Venables, Paul Finch, and Matthew Sprange have all bravely turned fact into fiction, lest They take notice and shut us down. Such brave warriors for the truth!

But to complete the illusion, we needed a cover; one that would accurately reveal the horrors contained within. And to make those horrors a reality, we naturally turned to our PR guy, Mike.

Mike dresses up at weekends. Mostly as a Roundhead but he has previously been spotted as a rather portly Judge Dredd and a beggar. (how would we tell that that was a disguise? – Ed.) One day in the office, this slightly unwell history obsessive declared that along with two of his ‘friends’ (shome mishtake, shurely? – Ed.) he was going to put the history into the hysterical (or possibly the other way around – Ed.) and provide our cover designer with some “authentic” images on which to base the cover… He was last seen clanking off into the distance with a determined look on his face (first and last time – Ed.)

Ed! Do you mind?! >:(

Anyway, along with his mates David Eliot Cooper and Rob Temple of Histrionics he found a spot in the grounds of Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds to get some shots of the three ‘ages’ in which the novels of tSZHotW are set: Vikings, Medieval, and Napoleonic.

These are the results…

Oh dear…

And lo. These images, SOMEHOW, were turned into this rather lovely book cover by the wonderous Pye Parr.

So now you know.

Reports that the participants have now disappeared after being bundled into cars by men in black suits and sunglasses have not yet been confirmed…