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Abaddon X: celebrating 10 years in style

Last night, the Abaddon team descended into the depths of old Soho to celebrate a decade of publishing the finest pulp fiction you ever did see.

Friends of AbaddonTo paraphrase the very brilliant Matt Zitron, never before has a 10th birthday party featured quite so much booze. Abaddon authors, bloggers, agents, esteemed colleagues from the press and many, many more besides gathered in the most exclusive drinking den in the West End to talk the toot, drink the drink and, because it wouldn’t have been a birthday party otherwise, eat the cake.

We also took the opportunity to launch two new things into the world. First up was our Abaddon X collection, a celebration of all things Abaddon featuring original short ficiton and essays, which was snapped up by all in attendance. These babies are strictly limited edition, and if you want one… well, you’d better come and see us at Fantasy Con.

Secondly, we unveiled the first fruits of our open subs month: Colin Sinclair, and his brand new novella Midnight In The Garden Centre Of Good And Evil, the first story in a new shared world going by the name Invaders From Beyond. You’ll be hearing more about this in good time, but if you’re feeling keen you can head over to Amazon and pre-order Colin’s novella right now.

So, with no further ado, here are some pictures from our glorious evening of subterranean debauchery. Thanks to all who came along to make it such a splendid occasion, and here’s to another 10 years of Abaddon…

If not for the Abaddon standee we guarantee nobody would have found the venue. We’re unashamedly proud of our underground bar sourcing skills…

Abaddon X – is it not beautiful? IT IS.

Crisps, candles, peanuts and the all-important cakes. What more could you possibly want?

VERY IMPORTANT CAKE CLOSE UP. This took longer than we’d like to admit, tbh.

People drinking in the dark. You’ll notice the green tinge to proceedings – yes, we even themed the lights. Nothing but the best for our anniversary.

Our Dave addresses the troops. It was both rousing and arousing, which was confusing.

The now legendary DJ Dogg, on the ones and twos. He mainly played The Kinks, The Who and a bit of early rock and roll for variety. He is a genius.

Colin Sinclair realises that although he went into writing to avoid talking to people, he is now required to talk to a room full of them. A victim of his own success.

Jon, talking in tongues, explains the next phase of the Abaddon World Domination Plan to a baffled but intrigued David and Rob.

Jonathan Green’s Abaddon themed t-shirt, available now from… well, from nowhere to be completely honest, but isn’t it lovely (now go and follow Jon on twitter).