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Shadowboxer only 99p!

Read this and try not to be totally sold on its absolute awesomeness:

Jade is a young mixed martial arts fighter. When she’s in the cage she dominates her opponents—but in real life she’s out of control.

After she has a confrontation with a Hollywood martial arts star that threatens her gym’s reputation, Jade’s coach sends her to a training camp in Thailand for an attitude adjustment. Hoping to discover herself, she instead uncovers a shocking conspiracy. In a world just beyond our own, a man is stealing the souls of children to try and live forever.

Tricia Sullivan’s Shadowboxer kicks ass, and it’s now only 99p. Hooray!

Shadowboxer is out now!
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Champion Of Mars only 99p!

Guy Haley’s Champion Of Mars is the best book you will ever read about Mars.

Yeah, you read that right. You can keep your Hollywood-endorsed, mega-selling Red Planet survival guides – we’ve got an epic, elegant story that spans the history of humanity and Mars and will hit you where it hurts (head, heart, etc).

We’ve given Champion Of Mars a rather natty new eBook cover, and in celebration of all things Martian (ha! See what we did there?) we’re dropping the price to 99p/99c.


You’ve probably got more than that in your pocket in change right now. Go and grab yourself a copy, and be happy that you have discovered greatest planetary romance of the modern age.

Champion Of Mars is out now!
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Plastic only 99p!

Christopher Fowler is a writer who knows a thing or two about giving us the sort of chills that stay with us for days.

Plastic is a book about money, mayhem and all manner of madness, and – believe it or not – you can snap it up in eBook format for only 99p all weekend! Hooray!

Head over to Amazon to get your copy. Quick! Go!

For more information visit the official Christopher Fowler website, or follow Chris on Twitter or Facebook.