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It’s that time of year where we all start taking stock. And SFF fans, what better way to consider the past year than with this gem of an anthology? The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year, Volume 12 by award-winning editor, Jonathan Strahan, is on offer today! 

Brining together established and upcoming SFF authors, this is a chance to take a closer look at what stories were tugging on our hearts in the genre community this year! 

Buy Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year:

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Attending Fantasycon this year? So are we! We’ve put together a list of panels, events, and talks some of our authors and editors will be taking part in which you can view below! 

And of course, make sure you’ve put this year’s Karaoke, hosted by our very own David Thomas Moore, into your plans for the weekend! It’ll start at 8:00pm on Saturday in the Jubilee room and you can check out the songlist by artist name, song title, or by decade and artist below! 


We hope to see you there and do come and say hello to those of us who will be flying the Rebellion flag this weekend (David T. Moore, Kate Coe, Michael Rowley, and Remy Njambi).


Blogging in Genre Fiction – Friday  3.30pm (Panel Room 3)

  • Kit Power (m), Alasdair Stuart, Micah Yongo, Joel Cornah, Kate CoE

Robot Companions in Film and Television – Friday 5.30pm (Panel Room 2)

  • Stewart Hotston (Moderator), Eric Ian Steele, Dominic Dulley, Ruth EJ Booth, Russell Smith

Shared Worlds – Friday 6pm (Panel Room 1)

  • Cheryl Morgan (Moderator), Dion Winton-Polak, Gavin Smith, Pauline Kirk, Adrian Tchaikovsky

I’ve No Idea What I’m Doing – Friday 7.30pm (Panel Room 3)

  • Mike Brooks (Moderator), Russell Smith, RJ Barker, Allanah Hunt, Jeannette Ng

Welcome to Fantasycon – Friday 8pm (The Jubilee Room)

  • Allen Stroud, Phil Lunt, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Farah Mendlesohn

Dungeons & Disorderly Module B2: The Sheep on the Borderlands – Friday 9pm (Panel Room 1)

  • Dave Moore (Moderator), Nate Crowley (Moderator), Eliza Chan, Anna Smith Spark, Helen Armfield, Phil Lunt, David Tallerman, Ed Fortune

Dungeons and Disordely Module T1: The Temple of Elemental Weevils – Friday 10pm (Panel Room 1)

  • Dave Moore (Moderator), Nate Crowley (Moderator), Powder, Stewart Hotston, Lee Harris, Mike Brooks, RJ Barker, Penny Reeve 


Guest of Honour Interview: Adrian Tchaikovsky – Saturday 10am (The Jubilee Room)

  • Adrian Tchaikovsky interviewed by Ian Whates

Corporate History in Speculative Fiction – Saturday 11am (Panel Room 2)

  • David Thomas Moore (Moderator), Russell Smith, R. B. Watkinson, Neil Williamson

Writing for Audio – Saturday 2pm (Panel Room 2)

  • Megan Leigh (Moderator), Guy Adams, A. K. Benedict, Chris Jarvis, Stephen Gallagher

From Colonial to Decolonisation: Approaches in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror – Saturday 3pm (Panel Room 2)

  • Nick Wood (Moderator), Stewart Hotson, Allanah Hunt, Naomi Foyle

Writers and Roleplaying Games – Saturday 3.30pm (Panel Room 3)

  • Alasdair Stuart (Moderator), Danie Ware, Allen Stroud, Gavin Smith, Sara Jayne Townsend

What’s Changed in Worldbuilding? – Saturday 5pm (Panel Room 2)

  • Peter Mclean (Moderator), Tasha Suri, Shona Kinsella, Clint Wastling, Jeannette Ng

Science Fiction: In Conversation with Gillian Redfearn – Saturday 5pm (Panel Room 4)

  • Gillian Redfearn, Tade Thompson, Rachel Winterbottom, Danie Ware, Tom Toner

Shelley and Frankenstein – Saturday 6pm (Panel Room 1)

  • Kevin McVeigh (Moderator), G. V. Anderson, Tina Rath, Val Nolan, Suzie Wilde, Tade Thompson

Writing Warfare – Saturday 7pm (Panel Room 2)

  • Simon Bestwick (Moderator), Danie Ware, Anna Smith Spark, Andy Remic, Anna StephenS.

The Room Where it Happens- Saturday 7pm (Panel Room 4)

  • Stewart Hotson (Moderator), Russell Smith, Eliza Chan, Allanah Hunt

Putting the ‘Punk’ in Fiction – Saturday 10pm (Panel Room 2)

  • Andrew Knighton (Moderator), Kate Coe, Lee Harrison, Marian Womack, Ren Warom


From Fanon to Canon – Sunday 10.30am (Panel Room 2)

  • Cheryl Morgan (Moderator), Allanah Hunt, Chris Jarvis, Kate Coe, Andrew Knighton

Renaissance Fantasy – Sunday 12.30 (Panel Room 4)

  • Andrew Knighton (Moderator), Den Patrick, Jeanette Ng, Julie Crisp, Anne Lyle

You can view the full programme for this year’s Fantasycon on their website here