Special Purposes: First Strike Weapon out today!

Brace for impact Abaddonites! Special Purposes: First Strike Weapon, Gavin Smith’s explosive tale of dead but determined Russian Special Forces abroad in the US is out today*!

But what’s it all about, you cry? Well, read on pilgrim:

Special Purposes by Gavin Smith

1987, THE HEIGHT OF THE COLD WAR. For Captain Vadim Scorlenski and the rest of the 15th Spetsnaz Brigade, being scrambled to unfamiliar territory at no notice, without a brief or proper equipment, is more or less expected; but even by his standards, their mission to one of the United States’ busiest cities stinks…

World War III was over in a matter of hours, and Vadim and most of his squad are dead, but not done. What’s happened to them, and to millions of civilians around the world, goes beyond any war crime; and Vadim and his team – Skull, Mongol, Farm Boy, Princess, Gulag, the Fräulein and New Boy – won’t rest until they’ve seen justice done.

*In the UK, that is. US folks, you’ll have to wait until 11 April – we promise it’s worth the wait!

Special Purposes: First Strike Weapon is out now!
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